Blackpool boxer-turned-wrestler RP Davies grapples with Olympic medallist Anthony Ogogo

Former Blackpool boxer RP Davies got the chance of a lifetime when he took on Olympic bronze medallist Anthony Ogogo in the ring - only it came with a slight twist.

Thursday, 23rd June 2022, 2:09 pm
Updated Thursday, 23rd June 2022, 7:31 pm

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It was a cruel way to abruptly end what was a bright start to a promising career, having won 12 of his 13 professional fights.

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Both Davies and Ogogo have now entered the world of professional wrestling - and the two collided in a mammoth match at TNT Extreme Wrestling’s show Liverpool earlier this month.

Like Davies, nicknamed ‘RPD’, Ogogo had to quit boxing early after just 12 fights after suffering a fractured eye socket.

The 33-year-old, who finished third at the London Olympics in 2012, has since made a huge name for himself with American pro-wrestling company All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

While Ogogo was back over in England working on some independent shows, Davies got the call and was asked if he’d like to get in between the ropes and grapple the former boxing star.

RPD got the chance of a lifetime to take on a former Olympic bronze medallist

“It was a brilliant experience,” RPD told The Gazette.

“He’s come to the UK doing independent bookings and I ended up getting the call for a show in Liverpool.

“Because of the similarities of our backstories, with our boxing backgrounds, they thought it would make sense to put us together.

“They got in touch and asked if I fancied doing it and it took me about two seconds to answer and that was it.”

Both Ogogo, left, and Davies were forced to quit boxing early

The former middleweight added: “Like me, he had to quit boxing early. For him it was an eye issue and he had no choice but to call it a day.

“I had a good chat with him backstage and he’s a right good guy. He’s now wrestling in the second biggest company in the world so he’s doing really well.

“For me, it was a real honour to be given the chance to have a match with him. But we also got on very well because we’re very similar.

“We both had a bit of bad luck with boxing but wrestling has since taken us in, so it was really cool.”

The showdown took place in Liverpool earlier this month

As for the actual match, Ogogo was the man to have his hand raised at the final bell - but Davies pushed him all the way.

“I almost had him beat, but there was an interference from another wrestler who distracted me,” he explained.

“Before the match, he cut a promo where he actually said some really nice things about me, how he knew who I was and how he respects me because of my journey and what I’ve come through.

“He talked about how boxing has been quite cruel to us both but wrestling has been kind and has taken us in - which got a good reception from the crowd.

“He came up with a rule which meant no punches could be thrown, it was just wrestling, that was the little stipulation. I ended up out-wrestling him.

“But another wrestler I’m currently feuding with, a guy called Chase Alexander, he came running out and I chinned him off the ropes. While the referee was tending to him, I turned around into an illegal punch from Ogogo, which unfortunately beat me, so I was cheated out of a victory.”

Despite the defeat, Davies’ stock remains high at the minute as he continues to increase his profile across the North West as well as the wider UK pro-wrestling scene.

He now hopes to work with a company called Progress, who host shows around the UK and are also featured on the WWE Network.

“I’m really busy at the moment, I’m all over the place working for a number of different companies,” he said.

“I’m really enjoying it, it’s giving me a real outlet and I seem to be building momentum all the time. I just want to see where it goes.”