Wesham’s runners make a Splash

Wesham runner Paul Hetherington
Wesham runner Paul Hetherington
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The big event for Wesham members this week was the Yarrow River Splash 10K Trail Run in the Yarrow Country Park.

Won by Gareth Booth of Horwich in 42:18, this was a challenging and testing course.

Lee Barlow and Paul Gregory were neck and neck throughout, Barlow coming in with 45:04 for fourth place with Gregory fifth in 45:27.

Steve Myerscough (45:58) was seventh, followed by Paul Hetherington, who was 10th in 47:37.

Steven Gore finished 11th in 48:11, ahead of Jason Blagden (16th, 50:27), Helen Lawrenson (23rd, 52:13), Mark Renshall (33rd, 53:03) and Kath Hoyer (61st, 59:05).

Sharon Cooper was 73rd in 1:03.11, edging out Vicky Gore (74th, 1:03.15), Rob Wallace (76th, 1:03.22) and Robert Danson (77th, 1:03.23).

Next home was Diane Blagden (93rd, 1:06.52), ahead of Tanya Barlow and Maureen Danson, who were 101st and 102nd in 1:08.03.

Dave Waywell finished 108th in 1:10.04, leading in Debbie Myerscough (110th, 1:11.00), Kerry Eccles (115th, 1:11.57), Victoria Birkett (39th, 1:13.28), Anne Berry (130th, 1:14.41), Pauline Eccleston (131st, 1:14.41), Caz Wadsworth (159th, 1:21.33) and Julie Rooney (160th, 1:21.33).

John Bertenshaw competed in the English Half Marathon at Warrington on Sunday, finishing 157th with a chip time of 1:30.00 and a gun time of 1:30.03.

Parkrun action saw Nichola Unsworth (21:16) at Edinburgh with the Gores at Lyme Park where Steven finished in 22:22, Megan 39:41 and Vicky 39:42.

Competing at Blackpool were Lee Barlow (18:18), Dave Taylor (18:40), Peter Cruse (19:36), Helen Lawrenson (20:09), Carl Groome (20:35), Jonathan Lawson (22:22), Michaela Dempsey (24:42), Robert Brown (24:45), Dave Young (24:50), Debbie Bell (29:52), Sue Rigby (31:18), Lynn Brown (32:02) and Kerry Eccles (39:32).