Which is the most popular Google 3D animal? The top AR animals as voted by you

What's your favourite AR animal? (Photo: JPIMedia)What's your favourite AR animal? (Photo: JPIMedia)
What's your favourite AR animal? (Photo: JPIMedia)

Google’s 3D augmented reality animals have proven a huge hit since the UK lockdown started.

From pandas to wolves and sharks, the feature allows you to see giant 3D versions of your favourite animals in your own home.

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These are the most popular AR animals you can find using this feature, as voted for by you.

What animals scored the highest in the vote?

Out of 24 possible answers, it was clear who the winner was according to the public vote.

Coming in with 31 per cent of the vote was the tiger.

This could in part come down to the bizarre Netflix docuseries Tiger King, which has become a surprise lockdown sensation over the past few weeks.

In second place was the panda with 14 per cent, which is the animal which first kicked off the popularity of 3D animals on Google when the feature was launched last year.

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Making up the rest of the top five were lion with eight per cent, shark with seven per cent and emperor penguin with five per cent.

The full list

This is the full list of how the animals ranked with 1 being most popular and 24 being least popular:

  1. Tiger
  2. Panda
  3. Lion
  4. Shark
  5. Emperor penguin
  6. Wolf
  7. Hedgehog
  8. Dog
  9. Duck
  10. Cheetah
  11. Angler fish
  12. Brown Bear
  13. Pug
  14. Horse
  15. Deer
  16. Rottweiler
  17. Eagle
  18. Alligator
  19. Macaw
  20. Cat
  21. Octopus
  22. Ball Python
  23. Turtle
  24. Shetland Pony

How do I unlock Google 3D animals?

The feature, which allows you to see 3D versions of your favourite animals at home using your smartphone camera, is easy to access if you know how.

Simply google an animal of your choice on your smartphone and you’ll see an option underneath the wikipedia description that says “meet a life sized [version of your animal] up close”.

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You’ll see an option that says “view in 3D” - click on that and select “view in your space” to be able to see the animal in your surroundings.

There are loads of animals to choose from, but be aware that not every animal is available within this feature.

What animals are available?

As it stands, the full list of animals available has not been confirmed by Google and the ones we’ve ranked above are all the ones that people have found so far.

However, there could be more Google 3D animals out there waiting to be discovered.

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How do I know if my phone is AR enabled?

To access this feature from Google, you’ll need to ensure that your phone is AR enabled.

For Android users, Google requires you to have an operating system of Android 7.0, or later, originally shipped with the Google Play store already installed, and have internet access.

For iPhone users, you have to be running iOS 11.0 or later. To check if you’re up to date on your software, simply head to your settings > general and then tap software update if there’s an option.

If there is one available, click download and install.

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