This new streaming app brings together Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and more - how to use it

Ever felt overwhelmed by your many TV and film streaming apps? There might be an answer to your problem.

Reelgood is a platform which catalogues all the various TV shows and movies that have been made and tells you where you can watch them, such as on sites like Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer and so on.

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You can watch TV shows and movies via the Reelgood site, and track your favourite shows.

With many people’s TV and movie watching habits spread out across a number of different streaming sites, Reelgood looks to bring all the platforms together to make it easier than ever to keep track of what you’re watching.

Reelgood is available online via its website, or as an app for iPhone, Android, LG Smart TVs, Android TV and Fire TV.

How to use it

To use the Reelgood website, first you’ll need to create an account.

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Begin by compiling together all the streaming services that you use, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or BBC iPlayer. You don’t need your account information for these services, as Reelgood will link you directly to that service to play an episode or watch a movie.

Next, make your Reelgood account - you can do this by logging in with Facebook, Google or Apple, or alternatively you can create an account using your email address. From there, you can begin tracking all your TV shows and movies.

To watch a TV episode or movie, you can click on it on the Reelgood website and from there, it will launch a new window to play it.

You can also play ‘Reelgood Roulette’ if you’re having trouble picking a movie or TV show to watch. Simply choose which genre you want, select whether you’re in the mood for a movie or TV show, pick your IMDb score and your Reelgood score, and the website will suggest something for you to watch.

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Does Reelgood cost money?

The Reelgood service itself is completely free to use, however certain services it connects to - like Netflix and Amazon Prime - do require a subscription in order to use.

There are plenty of free streaming services you can access via Reelgood, but if you’re looking to watch anything on a platform that requires a subscription, you will have to pay for one.