This Friends character would earn most in the real world, say fans

Of the four Friends characters we all know and love, who would make the most money in real life settings?

A recent survey revealed Joey to be most well-off, making an average £49,678 from his acting career.

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Next on the salary scale would be Ross, on an annual average income of £48,051.

If she continues as a head chef, Monica would be the least paid friend, on £35,141, but she would earn much more if she opened her own restaurant.

And according to fans, Rachel would now be a famous fashion designer and company founder.

Fans believe Joey ended up with his own reality show called ‘Keeping up with Joey Tribbiani’.

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Friends ended 16 years ago, but remains one of the best loved series of all time.

When the recent reunion news surfaced, fans were thrilled. But what have our favourite characters done in the meantime, and where are they now?

Experts at asked 3,021 fans where they believe Joey, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe and Monica would be now, career-wise, and created six CVs for each character.

They were curious to know which character would be wealthiest and who would earn the least based on their CVs, and using average salaries for their roles.

Here’s what the Friends may be doing today;

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Chandler – comics editor

The series ended with Chandler being encouraged by Monica to take a new role as a junior advertising copywriter. Ultimately, fans believe Chandler would have become a writer for a comics magazine, progressing to the role of editor.

Monica – restaurant owner and head chef

After a few years as head chef at Javu, fans imagine Mon would have taken her passion further and have gained the confidence to open her own restaurant.

Joey – actor and reality TV star

While the Joey spin-off showed his TV and Film portfolio expanded after moving to Hollywood, fans believe Joey would have accepted an offer to make his own reality show, hence the ‘Keeping up with Joey Tribbiani’.

Phoebe – singer and music teacher

We imagine Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock would have continued gigs, but fans could see Phoebe spending the rest of her time giving free music lessons to disadvantaged children.

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Rachel - company founder and fashion designer

In the last season of Friends, Rachel is thriving as an executive for Ralph Lauren, which probably afforded her all the insight and confidence she needed to start her own fashion brand.

Ross - stay at home dad, children’s book writer and palaeontologist

After the finale, we were led to believe Ross and Rachel would get married (again!).If that’s true, we can see Ross taking a break from his palaeontology to take care of Emma, while Rachel dominates the fashion world.During his stay-at-home dad career, Ross probably picked up writing dinosaur themed children’s books to keep his mind active.

So, in addition to the salaries already mentioned above, Rachel would be earning £44,420 annually, Chandler £38,295, Phoebe £35,498 as a musician, and Monica £35,141 in her role as head chef.

While actors are making approximately £49,678 each year, Joey’s success with his show would probably earn him much more in reality.

In second place is everyone’s favourite palaeontologist, Ross. Researchers in this discipline earn an average £48,051 a year.

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