The changes you can make to increase the attractiveness of your property

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A review of recently-sold properties has found homes with patios are 65 per cent more likely than than decking to attract buyers in 2021.

They’re even seven per cent more likely than grass to push a house sale through, according to the data gleaned from 275 of the most recently sold properties across the most populated cities in the UK.

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The data also showed properties with no driveway/road parking are 18 per cent less likely to attract buyers above the average area price.

In terms of colour

In terms of patio colour, grey patios are 16 per cent more likely to attract buyers vs beige, the next most popular patio colour (53per cent vs 37per cent).

Regionally, Manchester properties with grey paving sell for 18 per cent above the regional average value.

Red patios are the most valuable patio colour overall, with an average house sale of £379,250 (+22per cent vs grey patios).

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The analysis, by Simply Paving, found when driveways were included, grey blocks are 39 per cent more likely to attract buyers in 2021 vs the next most popular colour.

Most valuable area

London was identified as the most valuable area to have a grey driveway in the UK, where properties with a grey driveway sell for 24 per cent above the regional average – the average area price is £791,600 vs £978,668 with grey.

The most valuable area to have a patio in the UK is Manchester, where properties with patios sell for 17 per cent above the regional average.

However, in terms of overall value, decking is the most valuable type of back garden most likely to contribute to a higher value house sale on average, with an average house sale of £361,820, whereas grass gardens are the least valuable (£300,902).

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