Ryanair slashes winter flight schedule due to coronavirus restrictions - how to check if you're affected

Ryanair has slashed its number of winter flights by a third due to coronavirus flight restrictions currently in place.

Although the airline had already reduced the number of flights in October to 40 per cent of normal levels, it has now taken the decision to cut the amount of flights for the entire winter season.

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What changes will be made to Ryanair’s winter flight schedule?

The airline will cut flight capacity for the full winter season - which is from November to March - to 40 per cent, down from the 60 per cent previously planned.

However, Ryanair is hoping to keep its planes 70 per cent full in order to break even and help minimise cash burn.

The airline said it would keep most of its winter route network, but instead offer fewer flights to each destination.

Ryanair is already shutting bases in Cork and Shannon in Ireland, and in Toulouse, France, on a temporary basis this winter, but will now cut the number of flights from bases including Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium and Vienna.

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Job cuts are also now expected at a number of cabin crew bases as a result.

Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary said “There will regrettably be more redundancies at those small number of cabin crew bases, where we have still not secured agreement on working time and pay cuts, which is the only alternative.”

The airline also said pilots and cabin crew would likely have to take more unpaid leave and participate in job sharing this winter, but that this is a better outcome than job losses on a mass scale.

Mr O’Leary added, “While we deeply regret these winter schedule cuts they have been forced upon us by government mismanagement of EU air travel”.

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The travel operative that this guidance could be further revised if more lockdowns in EU destinations are put into place during winter.

How can I check if my flight has been affected by the changes?

If your trip has been impacted by any of the upcoming changes, or if you want to check if it has been affected, you can contact Ryanair in order to find out more information regarding the next steps you may need to take.