Revealed: Britain's top 10 secret staycation locations

As British resorts brace themselves for a staycation stampede, Faraway Furniture is eager to help Brits discover the most underrated staycations in the UK - swapping Brighton beach for an empty Bali look-alike.

Faraway Furniture collated a list of destinations in the UK that look similar to abroad and analysed their search volumes to determine which of these are the least likely to be hit by the staycation stampede.

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But also guarantee a gorgeous, isolated getaway when it is safe.

There were 28,460 searches for ‘staycation’ in the UK last month on average.Searches for camping equipment has increased by up to 3,350 per cent.

In the past month there have been 28,460 searches for ‘staycation’ on average.With thousands of Brits searching for a quick getaway it’s certainly best to steer clear of others in the British holiday hotspots.

There has been a 3,350% increase in the past 90 days for searches for ‘camping bunk beds’ from families looking to spend weekends away in the UK this summer.There has also been a 400 per cent increase in searches for ‘camping BBQ’ and ‘camping chairs’ so it’s clear that many are looking to get away in the coming months!

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The most idyllic, unoccupied place in the UK that looks like it’s abroad is West Voe in the Shetlands, with only ten searches made per month.

The second most peaceful staycation in the UK is the Observatory Gully on Ben Nevis, with 170 searches per month.

These are the top 10.

West Voe, Shetlands, Scotland: 10 searches per monthThis gorgeous town is certain to make you feel like you’re on a Finnish beach - specifically Yyteri Beach in Pori!

Observatory Gully, Ben Nevis, Scottish Highlands: 170 searches per monthThere are only 170 searches for Observatory Gully on Ben Nevis, ensuring an isolated but adventurous weekend away; similar to Mont Blanc in the Alps.

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Ben NevisBen Nevis
Ben Nevis

Elegug Stacks, Pembrokeshire, Wales:  320 searches per monthThere are only 320 searches monthly for Elegug Stacks in Wales; if the weather is right these clifftops highly resemble Nusa Penida in Bali.

High Force, Durham, England: 420 searches per monthHigh Force in Durham is surprisingly unknown to Brits - with only 420 searches every month.This beautiful 70-foot waterfall is surrounded by natural beauty and mirrors Nauyaca Waterfalls in Costa Rica.

High ForceHigh Force
High Force

Langamull Beach, Isle of Mull, Scotland: 430 searches per monthThe jaw-dropping beach is one of Mull’s best kept secrets with only 430 searches every month and holds strong similarities to Crane beach in Barbados.

Norfolk Lavender Fields, England: 580 searches per monthNorfolk’s lavender fields are highly recommended by travel bloggers but have low interest from Brits with only 580 searches each month! The 100 acres of lavender resemble the lavender fields in Provence, France.

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Norfolk lavender fieldsNorfolk lavender fields
Norfolk lavender fields

Mealt Falls, Skye, Scotland: 1,240 searches per monthThe 55-meter free dropping Mealt Falls is slightly more popular, but still likely to be a quiet getaway! This clifftop is a duplicate of Háifoss Waterfall in Iceland!

Bidean nam Bian, Scotland: 1,460 searches per monthThis complex Scottish mountain resembles peaks on the Himalayas! It is an eight to nine-hour walk, so although there are 1,460 searches per month it is certain to be a desolate trip.

Cockington Village, England: 2,330 searches per monthCockington Village in Devon is a fun-filled family day out which offers a good atmosphere and picturesque scenery. This small village is very similar to the Southern French village of Veules-les-Roses.

Cockington villageCockington village
Cockington village

Sgwd yr Eira, Brecon Beacons, Wales: 2,550 searches per monthSgwd yr Eira is part of Brecon Waterfall Walk in Wales, on route you can also visit three others on the ‘Four Falls Walk’ which is described as an unforgettable family experience. Interestingly, Sgwd yr Eira mirrors Mae Tad waterfall in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Faraway Furniture carried out the research. Find out about the company here