Kiss goodbye to children's bedtime tantrums

It’s tough for children having to go to bed when it’s still light outside, the birds are singing and all they want to do is play in the garden.

If you’re not careful, the bedroom can turn into a verbal battleground as the kids whinge that it’s too early to put the pyjamas on and parents just want to settle them down for the night.

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Tantrums and tempers can flare but it really doesn’t have to be that way if you follow these handy hints to get your child off to sleep.

Tire them out during the day

The longer, drier days are perfect for children to keep active during the day. If your child is over the age of four, you can try to cut out naps so even with lighter nights, your children will be too tired to care or kick up a fuss.

Blackout curtains and blinds

Is your child’s bedroom dark enough or is daylight peeping through thin curtains? A black out blind creates the perfect night-time effect and also shields early-morning sun.

Create the right environment

Make your child's bedroom cosy with fluffy pillows, clean sheets, dim lights and cuddly toys. Remove any distractions from their room, technology and bright lights may interfere with them getting off to sleep.

Sweet dreams are made of thisSweet dreams are made of this
Sweet dreams are made of this

Be consistent with bedtime routines

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If your child goes to bed at 6 or 7pm, for example, make sure to keep that same bedtime routine even when the nights get lighter. They may feel it’s still early, but it’s not. Remind them of the time and explain that just because it is light outside doesn’t mean they can stay up later.


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When the outside is hotter than the inside it is useful to keep windows closed so your home doesn’t become too warm. In the summer invest in a thinner duvet.

White noise

That little bit of background noise can really help you drift off to sleep. There are lots of free videos available on YouTube that you can play to help them sleep.

Reduce sugar levels

If your kid likes a dessert after dinner, try to find one with low sugar. These won’t keep them awake all night.

This guide was compiled by home interior retailer Hillarys.

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