Guinness is urgently recalling its new non-alcoholic stout - here’s why

Guinness has issued a recall of its new alcohol-free stout, called Guinness 0.0, due to a “microbiological contamination” which may make some cans “unsafe to consume.”

The contamination reportedly occurred during the production process, and Guinness has stated that it is “working hard to investigate and determine the root cause.”

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Supermarkets and other retailers have been instructed to remove the product from shelves, and communicate the recall to consumers.

Production will only recommence when the company has ensured that the root cause of the microbiological contamination has been resolved.

What is being recalled?

Guinness is recalling its Guinness 0.0 in the UK. The company has stressed, “No other Guinness variants or brands are affected.”

The recall is purely limited to non-alcoholic Guinness products, so if you have purchased other Guinness drinks, there should be no need to worry.

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“Guinness 0.0 is a new product manufactured in a different way from other Guinness variants,” Guinness said in its statement.

What should I do if I bought the recalled product?

If you are in possession of Guinness 0.0, then you can return the product to where you bought it from for a full refund.

Alternatively, you can contact the Diageo Consumer Careline at [email protected] or on 0345 601 4558 with details of your purchase to receive a refund voucher before disposing of the product.