Does your name mean you are creative? Check our list

One of the world’s leading communities for makers has published a list of the top names associated with the most creative individuals in the UK - with Oscar and Anna topping the list.

The platform analysed both internal and external data from the last three years to compile the list.

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The platform compiled the top 20 names after analysing internal data from the last three years, as well as the names of the top 100 most successful professionals across the creative industries, including photography, fashion, literature, music and fine art.

As well as analysing its data, surveyed 3,500 Brits to discover their crafting habits before and during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The research found that over a third - 34 per cent - of the British public have spent time crafting during the lockdown, which is a 61 per cent increase in comparison to before the pandemic.

The top ten male names are:

1 Oscar2 Alex3 Tom4 Christian5 Michael6 Lewis7 Jasper8 Freddie9 David10 Andy

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The top 10 female names are:1 Anna2 Susan3 Isabel4 Kate5 Olivia6 Margaret7 Imogen8 Jennifer9 Stella10 Charlotte

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When the platform asked customers why they were crafting during the pandemic, roughly nine in 10 - 92 per cent - said ‘to help anxiety/mental health’, whereas one in 20 – five per cent – said ‘to curb boredom’ and a further one in 50 - two per cent - said ‘to make products they can no longer buy’.

When looking into the types of crafts most popular during lockdown, crocheting came out on top with a 50 per cent rise in pattern downloads, closely followed by knitting at 32 per cent, and embroidery at 18 per cent.