A manhunt is ongoing in Austria after a deadly terror attack - what we know so far

Austrian police are searching for at least one suspect following a multiple gun attack in its capital city, Vienna.

The police said that the attack began around 8pm (7pm UK time), near the Seitenstettengasse synagogue, when a heavily armed man opened fire on those outside cafes and restaurants.

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The special forces arrived quickly, and the perpetrator was “neutralised” at 8:09pm, according to authorities.

Witness Chris Zhao told the BBC, “We heard noises that sounded like firecrackers. We heard about 20 to 30 and we thought that to be actually gunfire.

“We saw the ambulances… lining up. There were victims. Sadly, we also saw a body lying down the street next to us.”

At least four dead

It was first reported that the attack had killed two women and one man, with 17 others wounded - some seriously injured. Austrian media reported that seven of those wounded have life threatening injuries

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It has now been revealed by national broadcaster, ORF, that a fourth civilian - a woman - has also died.

One attacker was shot dead by police, according to officials, and another was arrested.

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer described the gunman killed by police as an “Islamist terrorist.”

What happened?

Initially, police said gunmen opened fire at six different locations throughout the city centre on Monday evening (2 Nov). However, on Tuesday morning, police revealed that they were unsure how many attackers were involved.

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Vienna police chief Gerhard Pürstl said, “At the moment we think there’s more, we’re investigating.

“It’s difficult to say for sure if it was one or several attackers. Lots of witnesses are injured, traumatised, and we have to analyse the data.

“This will take some time… at this stage there is no definite answer.”

Vienna’s director general for public security, Franz Ruf, explained that footage of the attacks would help police understand the exact timeline of events.

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He said, “20,000 videos were uploaded and given to us, and we have already searched 20 per cent of this content.”

Addressing a new conference, Nehammer revealed that at least one “heavily armed and dangerous” attacker was believed to still be at large, and urged the public to remain indoors until the situation has been resolved.

Nehammer said, “We have brought several special forces units together that are now searching for the presumed terrorists.

“I am therefore not limiting it to an area of Vienna because these are mobile perpetrators.”

ORF reported on Tuesday morning that several people have been arrested.

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