8 tips for decorating a kid’s bedroom - from furniture sets to colour schemes and storage

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If your kids have been behaving particularly well lately, or if you've unexpectedly found yourself with a lot of extra time on your hands, why not surprise them with a bedroom makeover?

Perhaps the idea has always seemed out of budget, or not worth the hassle due to children’s remarkable ability to upturn a room in minutes.

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However, bedroom makeovers don't have to be costly affairs, and if done well, can actually help to keep bedrooms tidier in the long run.

Spruce up old furniture

All furniture experiences the odd wear and tear as the years pass. Luckily this is something that is easily and fixed - and can be done on the cheap.

Upholstery stains can be covered with a simple throw, while wooden furniture can benefit greatly from a quick lick of paint, instantly transforming the room.

Paint skirting boards and window sills

The same applies for skirting boards and window sills, which often chip away or gradually fade from the former glory of their last paint job.

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However, before you get to painting, grab a roll of masking tape and carefully tape above and below the skirting board, to ensure you achieve clean-cut edges and don't paint the walls or the floor.

Choose a colour scheme and stick to it

A lot can be done with a simple colour scheme.

Rather than having a lot of mixed colours dotted around the room, making things appear messier than they are by distracting the eye, try to stick to one scheme.

Since young children tend to change their favourite colour frequently as they discover who they are, try to stick to pale colours which can easily be painted over and spiced up with colourful and replaceable room furnishings.

Consider a mid sleeper bed

Every child loves a speciality bed to be tucked into at night.

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Whether it be in the shape of a car, a boat or a castle, it will certainly make your child more excited to hit the sack.

However the best option mixes childhood wonder with practicality.

Mid sleeper beds can sometimes double up as desk spaces, storage units, and shelves which certainly help to contain bedroom mess, while adding extra floor space for your child to play.

Creative storage solutions

There are many creative solutions that not only add character to your child’s room but also help tidy away clutter.

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One example is toy hammocks, which hang in the corner of the room and can support multiple cuddly toys, keeping them off the floors and adding extra space for your child to play.

These can be found for sale on sites such as Amazon, or Etsy.

Another option is decorative cotton hanging bags, which work in the same way as the hammocks by removing clutter from the floor, keeping the mess contained, while adding a bit of style to the room.

Additionally, the traditional toy box is a classic feature for any child’s room.

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Frame your child’s artwork

Art is a great way to bring life and colour into a room, however original artworks are known to be pricey. So why not give your child a nice confidence boost and use their own work to do the job?

A simple white frame can make even the most amateur artworks look more professional.

They will also feel like part of the decorating project while staying happily occupied by creating their newest masterpiece.

Fairy lights and glow in the dark stickers

Some really simple additions can instantly make your child’s room more magical.

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Children have great imaginations so why not add to that by transforming their ceilings into a perfect night sky, with glow-in-the-dark stickers.

Another option is to use fairy lights to make their room feel enchanted.

Additionally you can ask them to help you spruce up some old lamp shades with some PVA glue, coloured crepe paper and these easy instructions.

Buy new bedding

Bedding is a quick and easy way to dramatically change the look of a bedroom.

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Make sure to work with your chosen colour scheme when selecting your child’s bedding, however you should opt for fun patterns while avoiding plain or pale colours, as these will emphasise any future spills or stains.

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