Letters - October 19, 2017

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‘Trapped’ in my own home by roadworks!

Residents living on and around Midgeland Road and Highfield Road in Blackpool must surely deserve a medal for their patience.

We are literally surrounded by roadworks!

It seems every trip I take in my car, another set pops up.

As I write, Midgeland Road is closed in one direction from Progress Way, a large stretch of Highfield Road is closed in one direction, plus newly arrived this week is a one-way traffic system on the stretch of Highfield Road between Common Edge Road and Midgeland Road.

And if you are thinking of nipping through the back roads, Stockydale Road is also now closed off due to roadworks.

Plus there is a sign warning of impending roadworks on the junction of Highfield Road and Common Edge Road.

Not to mention the problems in the rest of South Shore with Harrowside Bridge already shut, and Squires Gate Bridge also closing next month.

I understand all this work must be done in order to maintain and improve our infrastructure, including new sewers and gas pipes, and so the disruption cannot be helped.

Nevertheless it is proving a strain for local residents - my brain is frazzled with trying to work out all the diversion routes!


Roxburgh Road


Tips for finding 
a lost animal

It’s always sad to read that someone has lost a family pet.

We went through this situation several years ago and we put up posters, canvassed round the area etc.

Happily we got our cat Millie back, but what I wish to say is this, many people will kindly phone you to say they have seen your animal , and one or two captured ‘our cat’, but sadly, very few people will cart the little animal to a vet to check if it has been chipped .

I therefore think that the best you can do for your pet is to give it a collar and have an engraved medal in place.

Your phone number on it could soon sort problems out. Just a thought and, no, I don’t own an engraving service!

Allan Fazackerley

Address supplied


Road frustration grows in village

I appreciate that the whole of the Fylde area is affected by roadworks in varying levels of severity.

I read your paper with interest - with a special interest in local letters with local opinions.

I have rarely seen comments by people from Freckleton.

We may appear to be a retiring bunch, however the weekend before last three incidents made me think there is a complacent bubble about to burst in this area.

Travelling by cycle through the then single set of roadworks on Lytham Road, through a green light, my son (a grown man) was forced off the road by a 4X4 male driver, who seemed not prepared to wait.

On a separate occasion, with the lights control extending along Lamaleach Drive, I, driving a car, was obstructed in my right of way by a 4X4, as it happens, whose (male) driver gave an ignorant rude gesture to me as he soared past.

Kirkham Road was ‘under construction’ by utilities firms for the whole of the summer months, only to be partially dug up again with part of the same hole being used less than two weeks after we breathed a sigh of relief, from the first lot.

Seeing roads just restored being redug, put me in mind of a certain lager commercial. I thought that that sort of cooperation and care for residents might be useful.

Lytham Road in Freckleton now has two sets of roadworks. We were expecting signage electricity repairs for five months running from July 17... funny. Thing was, the signage went up declaring this but it was two weeks before any work began, giving some hope that it would not happen. Sadly this was not to be, but also sadly does this mean the finishing time is going to be two weeks later?

Just when are services going to work together to get better jobs (necessary jobs accepted) done in a sensible one-off way, co-operating with each other?

Merrilyn Lee



Do right thing and give us a library!

It has been a few weeks now since I suggested the library at St Annes move back to Lytham.

A simple solution one may think, but sadly it seems to have been ignored by those who matter.

It only took four days to empty Lytham Library and would only take the same amount of time to move the St Annes books, computers, registrar and shelves into the now vacant Lytham Library.

It would give the workmen an empty library to do a proper job of restoring it to its former glory.

People have been up to our archive asking to use the computers as there is nowhere available with internet access in Lytham.

Please Fylde Borough councillors, do the right thing and give us back what you promised you would if you were elected in - a library !

David Hoyle

Archivist of Lytham