Young Conservatives: misrepresented in Blackpool

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“Labour this, Labour that”.. Is not the word on the ground in Blackpool amongst the youth.

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After seeing posts all over the news and social media about Labour's seemingly easy and inevitable victory over constituencies and the country, I decided to get out there and see if this really is true.

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Who wants Labour? Who cares? What do the younger generation hope for the election?

Young ConservativesYoung Conservatives
Young Conservatives

I was surprised by the overwhelming amount of people that contradict the presupposed narrative that Labour will win, easily. I was also fascinated by the worry amongst those of all ages, who believe we face the most important election in a long time, and that the next few years will be transformational for the country, in either the right or wrong direction.

I also felt relief, following the many conversations I had with fellow young Conservatives who happen to share a similar opinion to my own about the past and future of our country, and wanted that opinion to be represented, and the consensus is this - We are not blindly devout to the Conservative Party, but Rishi Sunak has our vote. We believe we have had poor leaders during the Conservative's time, leaders we did not support. The country faces many challenges, the war/s and COVID put an extreme pressure on us all, but we are still here, strong, and persevering. These external factors damaged our country, and we would be in the same position, or worse of, under another party.

If Labour win, these problems will still exist, only now there is no plan, and ongoing successful methods are scrapped. Rishi Sunak came in with the mess left by these events, and irresponsible previous party leaders. Since then, he has been committed to turning things around. These changes cannot happen overnight, they take time, but his plans are working and we don't to be back to square one.

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The young Conservative supporters in Blackpool want Paul Maynard to continue working tirelessly to better our town, and we want Rishi Sunak and his working plans to continue too. The young Conservatives approve of the National Service to bring people together, give them purpose, and collectively do their bit to make a difference to our country. They want our British values to not be tainted any more. They think it's important that Rishi continues in pushing for AI safety and regulation, which will be crucial in our near future. They want the cost of living to continue improving. They want illegal immigrants to leave, and to be deterred and much more.

Labour has a voice, and so should the young Conservatives.