A Word In Your Ear - January 25, 2018

'I don't understand all this,' said Harry, reading this column last week in a lull at our Fleetwood tea dance.

Thursday, 25th January 2018, 1:20 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th January 2018, 1:25 pm
Roy Edmonds

Now good-humoured Harry knows his way round the dance-floor of life; always on his toes, so to speak, but otherwise with feet firmly on the ground.

“Perhaps I was rambling,” I admitted, “promoting my latest book.”

“Thought so!” he grinned.

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Yes, we columnists get carried away at times, but our public helps us down to earth.

There was that visitor to our cricket club who exclaimed, “I’ve seen your articles! You do the gardening, don’t you?” We went on to discuss his roses.

Then a regular in the pub announced, “Always read your column; get the paper specially - every Tuesday.”

Mind you, a dog owner named Peter once accosted me at a Preston New Road crossing with, “Aren’t you that feller from the newspaper?” I confessed to so being and, urging on pet Lucky, Peter graciously added, “It’s not bad, some of that stuff you write.”

A former colleague on our sister paper, the Fleetwood Weekly News, was recognised when queueing at a Chinese takeaway. His turn came and the woman serving announced, “I’ve seen your picture in the paper!”

“Yes, every week,” John told her proudly, aware of others listening.

To general amusement, she concluded, “You much older than picture in paper!”

My proudest accolade was for these shared pieces to be popular in the Fylde’s Newspaper for the Blind. However, our vicar also had welcome praise.

“We really enjoy your writing,” she said, as we parted and I thanked her after a Sunday service.

“I always read them to father. (Not our Father.) You always find an uplifting ending too!”

Well we try, so today’s lesson must be: Stay humble and be grateful - for whatever you receive.

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