Woman who cried rape '˜got what she deserved'

Saskia Hargrave has now spent a week getting used to prison life.

Monday, 16th July 2018, 12:34 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:57 pm
Saskia Hargrave
Saskia Hargrave

A judge at Preston Crown Court convicted her to 26 months in prison after she falsely claimed she had been raped on a night out in Blackpool.

Innocent victim Gary Williams, an epileptic man who previously survived serious injuries in a fire, was held in custody for 16 hours, during which he suffered a seizure brought on the stress.

He also had to have intimate evidence taken after Hargrave’s sickening allegation that he had attacked her in an alleyway for 45 minutes.

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He was on bail for six weeks and Preston Crown Court heard he had to go into hiding as the community learned of his arrest and felt afraid.

After the sentencing, Ellen Miller, services director for the North of England at independent charity Victim Support said: “False allegations of rape have the potential to cast doubt on the credibility of victims’ claims and further deter them from coming forward.”

Here’s your comment online

People like her are the reason a lot of actual victims of rape don’t want to come forward in case they aren’t believed.

I hope her victim has been able to find some comfort knowing she is now behind bars, where she deserves to be.

Hannah Riding

It’s about time I read about some who made false allegations and got punished.

It’s hard enough for a victim to come forward to report a rape.

And you have her using to get the attention of a man.

Allison Hunton

And yet the innocent person will have to deal with aftermath at lot longer than her pitiful sentence.

Danielle Norcross

Rape is a horrible crime and should be punished. But making accusations that are untrue is just as horrendous ruining young men’s lives.

Jackie Boyes

I’m so happy to see our justice system finally taking false claims seriously.

I’m feeling slightly more proud of the justice system today.

Zack Lindsay

I hope the man gets all the support he needs after going through such a traumatic experience.

Chrissy Parker

And this is why names should not be given to the public until that person is found guilty.

Krysten Robinson

It’s a double edged sword really, if all names are protected then a possible serial rapist could get away with rape if there isn’t enough evidence, yet by releasing names more victims could be encouraged to speak up.

And on the other hand innocent people could then end up with their names tarnished.

Alan Clark

If you falsely accuse someone of rape, the penalty should be the same length of jail time.

Jude Hanley

26 months? How about we sentence them the same as the guy would have received for rape.

That may discourage the next one.

Chris Allen

That poor man will have been vilified and, in her single act, she’s increased the chances of genuine victims being believed.

Selfish girl.

Barbara Wilkie

She should have the same sentence as a convicted rapist. All fake rape claims should carry a sentence.

These women ruin lives and families.

Tara Cropper

At last someone who won’t get away with it. False allegations ruin lives.

They take away help that people really need. Well done to the judge and the court for putting her away.

Lindsay Fowler