Will the proposals ease traffic woes on the A585?

Readers have their say on plans for a £50m bypass

By The Newsroom
Monday, 12th September 2016, 11:00 am
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 3:52 pm
The proposed Singleton bypass
The proposed Singleton bypass

Whenever a major road project is mooted on the Fylde coast, you can forgive anyone for showing scepticism over whether it will ever happen.

This week, a huge new project to ease traffic woes on the A585 between Windy Harbour and Thornton were revealed by Highways England.

One option is to improve the existing roads.

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Traffic at Singleton on the A585

Highways England has suggested part of Garstang Road could be converted to dual carriageway with junction and other capacity improvements carried out between Windy Harbour and the River Wyre roundabout. The second option is far more radical.

It would involve the construction of a new dual carriageway across farmland.

The new road would leave the current route before Little Singleton junction, diving into a cutting under Lodge Lane before joining Garstang Road at a new roundabout.

The dual carriageway would thencontinue across farmland until rejoining the existing at a new junction close to the Skippool Service Station on Mains Lane.

How the new dual carriageway for the A585 might look

A budget of £50m has been set aside for the bypass.

Work could begin in 2020.

But many of you think it may never happen at all...

Here’s your comments

Traffic at Singleton on the A585

So let me get this right. We will have a dual carriageway (two lanes) meeting Garstang Road (one lane) at Windy Harbour!! That’s three lanes of traffic all going onto the A585 (that’s one lane) all trying to get to the motorway... Does the word bottleneck not apply to this situation?

Mark Stubbs

All well and good running a dual carriageway between Windy Harbour and Amounderness Way near to the River Wyre public house, but Amoundeness Way will remain a single carriageway as will the A585 between the M55 and Windy Harbour. To be of any real benefit for drivers the dual carriageway needs to run from a new junction off the M55 through to Fleetwood, with slip roads to Blackpool, Poulton and Thornton Cleveleys

Ray Addicott

How the new dual carriageway for the A585 might look

Can we not build a bridge from Fleetwood to Knott End?

Karin Baker

Whoops that route takes it past my old home...phew that was close

Liz Cullen

It will never happen. Schemes like this have been talked about for last 20 years. land in Thornton is allowed to be developed without consideration for transport links. Even if this scheme did go ahead ...it’s just moving the pinch point further down

Nigel Rogers

There are simply too many cars on the road. It’s only going to get worse. Unless people bin the cars off when and where possible , and find other methods of transport, it will keep getting more and more jammed up.

Nick Higginson

There’s been talk of an improved motorway link for at least 25 years, so with a bit of luck this might happen in most of our lifetimes

David Nicholls

My parents moved to Mains Lane 35 years ago and they were discussing a bypass then! It’s horrendous trying to get out of the driveway

Sharon Rathbone

Who are “The Road Chiefs”? Do they live round here, have they driven the route day in day out and actually experienced the problem? Chances are they work in a nice warm office in London and couldn’t find Fleetwood on a map. I came to live here 32 years ago and they’d already been talking about this road for years so we should not get too carried away with this plan.

Trevor Burns

This does not address the problem of the traffic from Windy Harbour to the M55. This is where you can sit for ages due to the sheer volume

Paul West

Amounderness Way, first stage Skippool to Norcross in 1968 they made large grass verges for the road to be made into a four lane road.

Margaret Crompton

How many more times will this be discussed? I think I tend to agree more than anything that this will be used as a ‘vehicle’ (excuse the pun!) to give planning for the houses in the Lambs Road/Stanah area.

Welsh lady

Too late. Fifteen to 20 years ago, Wyre Council had the opportunity to save Fleetwood,as a port. What are they hoping to achieve with this scheme? Heysham won, live with it.


How about opening up the railway up to Fleetwood??

Paul Thornburrow

This road’s for fracking lorries and others visiting the gas storage facilities near Fleetwood. The pawns like us are the last consideration.

Stand Cloggin

A flyover from Fleetwood to Lytham with connections to the M55 is what the Fylde coast has always needed.


Well I live Poulton and work in Preston. Takes me no time to get to Preston from M55...takes three days to get to M55 from Poulton

Sir Farry Park

More countryside destroyed

Casee Leigh

This would be a vast improvement particularly as there are plans for much more housing to be built in Poulton and hence far more cars, but I have to agree that this will only serve to get more traffic faster to the bottleneck of Fleetwood Road.

Andrew Garside

This needs to happen. Sooner rather than later.

Mark Park

If you have some materials left, can you re -surface our road please!

Craig Randall