Where do you stand on plan to ban dogs from the beach?

Gazette readers have their say on the hot topic

By The Newsroom
Monday, 14th March 2016, 12:04 pm
Updated Monday, 14th March 2016, 12:06 pm
Dogs could soon be banned from more areas of Blackpool beach
Dogs could soon be banned from more areas of Blackpool beach

One issue we featured has had you seriously yapping...

Council chiefs announced dogs could soon be banned from more parts of Blackpool beach in a bid to further improve the quality of the bathing water.

Pooches are already prohibited between May and September from the sands between South Pier and North Pier.

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Dogs could soon be banned from more areas of Blackpool beach

But now the council is proposing to introduce a Public Spaces Protection Order to make the beach between South Pier and the Solaris Centre dog free between May and September.

The order would also make the area between Duchess Drive and Sandhurst Avenue in Bispham dog free during the same summer period.

A public consultation is to be held on the issue.

Here’s a selection of your views.

Dogs could soon be banned from more areas of Blackpool beach

Clean bathing water and over ambitious targets are all part of a EU directive.

If you want to walk your dogs on the beach then you know what to do on June 23

- BlackpoolJourno

At what point did this become an animal problem? Far too easy to blame animals rather than the real problem...humans. There is far more dangers on the beach than a few dogs mess. I’m not saying it’s not a problem, but there are far more pressing matters than that in the more urgent cattegory. What about needles, chip wrappers, plastic bags, fishing nets and wire, baby nappies and so on.

- Wingus

As someone who is involved in the coastal & environmental protection of small islands around the Caribbean, I can say without question that keeping dogs off the beach is not going top make any difference to the quality of the sea water. Obviously, dog fouling may be a problem but that pales into insignificance compared with the litter and detritus left by visitors to Blackpool

- PeoplesPoet

Dogs, donkeys what’s the difference. as long as they’re on a lead and the owner cleans up after them I don’t see what the problem is

- Dean Haddon

Us sensible dog owners that clean up after our dogs and abide by the rules have to watch that our dogs don’t eat disgusting rubbish left on the beach by dirty unclean holidaymakers and lazy people who throw all their rubbish on the beach.

- Michael Crawford

So once again the sensible dog owners suffer because of the irresponsible ones.

- Deborah Gregson

As a non dog owner I can safely agree with the responsible dog owners, that abide by 30m by-law and clean up after themselves

- Ben Constable

There should be more wardens around to fine those that don’t pick up dog poo and people who leave litter.

- Claire Frith

I get annoyed with the dog owners who don’t clean up their dog mess but all it needs is enforcement officers in the area

- Carl Shewry

A few dogs playing on the beach is hardly a problem.

- Richard Massey

My dogs love the beach and I always clean up after them, why should locals who pay council tax have to be limited to where on the beach they walk their dogs

- Katie Brett

The council don’t enforce the current ban so I’ll be surprised if they act on it now. The beach is always a mess. The careless dog owners should be fined and made to clean it up. They should also allocate cleaning the beach as punishment to them given community service

- Caroline Sills

Most dog owners are responsible and it’s unfair to make the masses pay for the irresponsible few

- Helen Baker

Keep saying our local authorities need to have a look at Jersey. Absolutely stunning beaches and dogs are allowed on every beach all year round but in the summer months dogs have to be kept on leads between 10.30am and 6pm

- Francesca Stubbs

If people cleaned up after their dogs it shouldn’t be an issue. Unfortunately, there are a few who spoilt it for the rest. I see lots of dog walkers around Stanley park area clean up after their dogs only to dump the bag of poo when they think no ones watching - totally defeats the object

- Paula Holifield

There could be places for dog walkers and other animals and then the tourist areas where donkeys and hundreds of people could be.

- Sophie Taylor

Just lately have been walking from The Solarium to central and back, I am amazed at the amount of dog muck I see.

- John Pritchard

I feel sorry for the poor and law abiding dog owners. But I am glad they are bringing this in. I do not want my grandchildren playing on a beach with chances of finding some faeces, which may be harmful

- Stanley Field

And yet 13 feet away horse manure piles up on the very road they cross to get to the beach

- Chris Holden

I’m not a dog hater but it does bug me when I’m sitting or walking on the beach and a dog comes bounding up to me jumping up and dribbling on me and if I say anything the owners usually reply with “awww it’s only being friendly and wants to play”...... I don’t.

- Anne Bibby

The new dog-free area would be 3.3miles in total, the Blackpool Coast is 7.1miles in total. That’s over half of the beach still available, surely that’s fair

- Iain Brownbridge

Pay me £20k a year and I’ll cycle up and down the prom all day five days a week giving out fines to dog owners.

- Criag Hodgson