WATER CRISIS: Petition calls on Prime Minister to launch inquiry

LAB TESTS: The water alert is now in its 20th dayLAB TESTS: The water alert is now in its 20th day
LAB TESTS: The water alert is now in its 20th day
Prime Minister David Cameron has been urged to intervene in the drinking water crisis in parts of Lancashire.

With the cryptosporidium warning now into its 20th day – and still no sign of the boil water alert being lifted – an online petition has been launched to get 10 Downing Street to take action.

Preston resident John Gibson has called on the PM to set up a parliamentary inquiry into the contamination of supplies to large areas of the county “and why there seems to be no contingency plans to deal with such a situation.”

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The petition on change.org is aiming to gather enough support to spark Whitehall interest in a problem which is happening 200 miles north of London.

“Over 300,000 households in Lancashire have been having to boil all water used for drinking, food preparation and brushing of teeth as the parasite cryptosporidium has been found in the local water supply,” says the petition.

“This situation, which doubtless would have been the lead story on almost every national news bulletin had it occurred in the south-east, shows no immediate signs of improvement and, as well as the general inconvenience of having to boil water, several restaurants and businesses have been forced to close.”

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