Was rude Christmas lights show in bad taste or not?

A joker who became an internet hit after covering his house in obscene fairy lights sparked a major debate on our social media channels.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 26th December 2016, 1:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 2:58 pm
Offensive christmas lights at a house in Grange Park
Offensive christmas lights at a house in Grange Park

While some thought Steve McGawley’s prank was hilarious, others described it and the reaction to his video as another example of a breakdown of social morals.

Mr McGawley found himself in trouble with police after he decorated his Grange Park home with lights depicting a penis and a bell accompanied by the word ‘END’.

A video of his conversation with two police officers was viewed more than two million times on The Gazette’s Facebook page.

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He was arrested on Monday night after refusing to remove the ‘offensive’ display and was issued a penalty notice for disorder, along with a £90 fine.

He later changed the illuminated sign to say ‘I’m sorry’.

Despite his experience, he has vowed to continue his festive pranks next year.

Here are some of the best comments

Steve McGawley

Most people seem to think this is funny.

I’m no prude but that just says it all to me about standards today.

They argue that kids see andhear much worse via the media/social media.

That is nothing to be proud of. God help the next generation if this one has no pride or standards.

Ann Blundell

I’ll stick my head up above the parapet here and no doubt be slammed by the many commentators that have posted so far. So be it.

What has happened to common decency?

What has happened to respect for the police?

Steve McGawley

Can’t you see what is happening to society in this country and especially on our doorstep here in Blackpool?


It is unacceptable; children will go past this house and see this and think this is acceptable. It isn’t.

John Madden

What does amaze me is some people find this acceptable.

All it does is show how low morality in this country can go.

A lack of respect for neighbours and people in general.

Peter Allen-Rogers

It’s the sort of thing that a teenager would scrawl in a school book.

So, funny at that age and in that sort of context.

Even at school it’s childish rebellion but to be expected.

For an adult it’s a bit embarrassing to have not moved on.


All Christmas lights are tacky and a sign of the underclasses; you may as well have a flashing light displaying the word ‘chav’ outside your house (the staff at Moss Towers taught me what that word means).

That said, this man is clearly a complete buffoon who has no consideration for his neighbours and his community.

The Moss

Thuggish and childish behaviour

Katie Smith

I think it’s quite creative.

If you have your kids up late enough to see them lit up then you’re a bad parent.

Watershed for decorations should be a thing. After hours then you can’t complain.

Ric Hulme

Is it just me that found this amusing?


I’m personally offended by every other disgusting display of over indulgent Christmas nonsense....this is well funny...people need to chill

Tom Bola

Just remember when Clive puts the police precept part of your council tax up next April (and be in no doubt it is going up significantly) it is to pay for essential policing such as this...

Then the council will want their lump for social care, it’s a wonder if we will have any of our own money left to spend on ourselves.


Have you ever thought about joining the Illuminations designer? . Now THAT would bring in the crowds

Charley Farley

What a waste of police time and money. Resources could and should have been used elsewhere. Watched the video earlier.

The female police officer was overzealous to say the least. The male officer should have handled it because he was a calmer influence on the situation.

A warning should have sufficed

Carolyn Tyrer

It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen

Mark Taylor

I bet the police had a giggle in the van when they saw this

Chantelle Brittain

I’ve had my house and car vandalised, my garage burgled and they didn’t even have time to send anyone out to see me, let alone do anything about it.

The police need to get their priorities straight and stop messing about with this nonsense.


Fully understand the concerns but come on, the video clip is priceless ! Can’t stop laughing.

Lytham Seasider