Warning after dog search on Stanah Marshes

The dog was not located by the search teams
The dog was not located by the search teams

A group of people searching for a lost dog were assisted from Stanah Marshes last night amid fears they could become trapped in mud, says the Coastguard.

Between 10-20 people are said to have assembled in response to a call-out on social media after a small white terrier ran off downstream on the mud flats.

Coastguard rescue teams were called out to the area at around 8pm on Monday, April 16 after they became concerned about people searching on dangerous terrain.

Fleetwood Coastguard said: "On arrival, we quickly located the owners of the dog who informed us that a small white terrier had run down the slipway and headed out downstream on the mud flats.

"With diminishing light and an incoming tide, we decided to search the extensive marsh area to ensure the safety of the searches.

"Several search parties covered from the nature reserve in Fleetwood up to Stanah and found about ten people searching in various locations.

"As the light was fading we explained the dangers they were in and helped them through the gullies and back to the car parks.

"Although we assisted several people off the marshes, we were unable to locate the dog, it could have made it out, we just don’t know.

"This was our second dog related incident in two days, we know it’s difficult to leave your dog if it gets into danger (most of us our dog owners too) but in our experience, the dog makes it out, shakes itself down and goes home.

"The marshes at any time of the day is a dangerous place to be, especially as nighttime approaches and with an incoming tide, as hidden gullies become harder to see there is a greater risk of becoming trapped in mud or by the incoming tide.

"We would urge people to be aware of the dangers of that area of coastline and treat the area with the utmost respect and stay safe."

Search parties were stood down at around 11pm.