VIDEO: Watch group's 'super sketchy' descent of Blackpool Tower

Daredevil Ally Law, who scaled the Big One rollercoaster at the Pleasure Beach before climbing Blackpool Tower without any safety equipment, has posted footage of him and his pals climbing down the Bank Hey Street landmark.

Friday, 15th September 2017, 2:48 pm
Updated Friday, 15th September 2017, 2:55 pm
Ally Law rated his climb a 'solid 10' out of 10.

The YouTube video shows the group on top of the Tower’s lift shaft, with Ally admitting: “If they pull this down, I’m basically going down with it, which is super sketchy.

"We should not be in here. This is stupid of us."

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WATCH: Daredevils filmed scaling Blackpool Pleasure Beach's the Big OneVIDEO: Daredevils who scaled the Big One return to climb the Blackpool Tower without any safety equipmentThe nine-minute clip, which has had 55,000 views so far, saw Ally perched hundreds of feet above the Comedy Carpet as he rated the climb a 'solid 10' out of 10.

He told the camera: "Everything about it was nuts; sneaking past security, security coming out and blinding us with their big torches, doing the sketchiest climb I have ever done while having a partially broken wrist.

"Loads of police rocked up. We didn't think we'd be able to climb up because the stairs stopped and the frame was hard to climb."

Joking the group may regret their climb after getting '24 months in prison', Ally added: "It doesn't matter we didn't get to the top, top.

"We're only three quarters of the way, and at the top looks sick.

"We tried everything, and it doesn't matter that we didn't make it because it's all part of the mission and the adventure."

As the friends finally reach the ground safely, they are met by police officers, one of whom said: "Firstly, I'm just glad you're alright."

The officer later appears to tell the group he 'understands' and himself rides a skateboard and BMX.

After they are escorted off the Tower premises, Ally said: "So they were basically the nicest police I have ever come across in my life.

"They were so genuine about it and said, 'Look...'

"Well, it doesn't matter what they said but they were so, so nice about it. And that actually works. That makes you think about it."

A Lancashire Police spokesman told The Gazette 'words of advice' were given to Ally Law's group when they climbed the Big One, and again when they climbed the Tower, though he warned 'it may be that further action is taken at a later date this time'.

And Chief Insp Lee Wilson, from Blackpool Police, said: "This behaviour is irresponsible, reckless and a waste of police resources.

“One of the worst tasks officers have to do is to contact family members to say that someone they love has died – picture delivering and receiving that message.

“So you can imagine our dismay when officers were called to the Promenade in the early hours of Saturday to reports several teenagers were climbing Blackpool Tower.

“This was a waste of police resources when we could be spending time investigating crime and protecting people, not to mention being extremely unsafe.

"Free-climbers may not care about their own safety but if they slip and fall it is the emergency services who have to respond.

“My message is this – please don’t waste our time or risk your life in this way. You may be preventing someone who really needs us getting our help and we really don’t want to have to knock on your family’s door with awful news.”

Kate Shane, head of Merlin Entertainments in Blackpool, which runs the Tower, said: "The people in question were identified on our security cameras which monitor all of the tower and the police were called immediately.

“We do not condone this behaviour which is reckless, foolish and potentially very dangerous for those individuals as well as others.”