VIDEO: Tram tracks blocked as BMW crashes into fence

Picture by Neil Harrison
Picture by Neil Harrison
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Tram services have been disrupted by a car crash that caused 'significant damage' to the tracks.

Police were called to Queen's Promenade near the junction of Cavendish Road at around 1.30pm today.

A white BMW had collided with a concrete fence, causing 'significant damage' to the tram tracks.

Jane Cole, managing director of Blackpool Transport, said: "A car came off the road and went through the concrete fencing on Cavendish Road. The car has caused the concrete to be distributed over both lanes, North and South, so the tram is blocked both ways at the moment.

"All the North services are turning at Bispham and running back North from there, and the South services are turning at Uncle Tom's Cabin (now Ma Kelly's) and running south from there.

"No trams were involved."

Bispham resident Neil Harrison, 43, who was walking his dog in the area at the time, said: “(The car) has knocked over an electric box and there’s a concrete block sticking out of the front. The car is a total write-off. All the airbags have gone off.

“The trams are shut both ways and there’s debris all over.

“The car must have been going at some speed. Those concrete blocks are quite strong and it’s gone right through it.

“There’s about five officers searching the car.

“It’s right in front of the Illuminations so people are all crowded there, about 30 or 40 people.”

A police spokesman said: "A car has gone into the tram tracks and looks like it has cause significant damage. The tram is currently closed in both directions."

One man was arrested at the scene. No injuries were reported. The Promenade remains open.