Vic infection rates better than average

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Blackpool patients are less likely to catch hospital infections, according to new research.

Blackpool Victoria Hospital has lower patient infection rates than the national average, according to a national study commissioned by Public Health England.

The national rate for people catching infections in hospitals was 6.6 per cent, while rates at Blackpool Vic were lower, at 5.3 per cent.

Nurse Sharon Mawdsley said: “We are delighted to be below the national average and this is a testimony to the hard work of the staff here.

“Staff take infection very seriously and vital precautions, such as hand hygiene and measures to maintain a clean hospital, are keenly adhered to

“Infections can kill and it’s essential the work we do is ongoing and it is gratifying that we are seeing positive results. Patients want to feel confident coming into hospital and they are coming into a hospital with a lower infection rate.

“Our domestic staff work hard and we have a deep clean programme using ultra violet technology to decontaminate wards.

“We also want to remind visitors how they can help us in this quest by adhering to good hand hygiene and using the hand rub available in patient areas and not sitting on patient beds.”