Unions back anti-fracking calls

North West trade unions have issued a statement against fracking in solidarity with continuing protests at Preston New Road.

Monday, 17th July 2017, 11:17 am
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:45 am
Anti-fracking protesters at the site of Cuadrilla's drill site at Preston New Road near Little Plumpton

Protesters are picketing Cuadrilla’s test drilling site at Little Plumpton.

Leading trade unionists said in a joint statement: “Fracking is a bad deal for Lancashire. It poses risks to local people and workers, will worsen climate change, and will not bring the clean jobs and investment that we need.

“We are calling for a million new climate jobs across the UK, including investment in the vast renewable energy potential of the North West.

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“We call for a halt to all fracking... the risks are too great.

“We stand in solidarity with the community near Preston New Road in Lancashire who are defending their environment and local democracy.

“We stand firm that fracking should not be forced on our local communities.”

The statement was signed by representatives of range of unions in the region.

Supporters of shale gas exploration and the Government insist that the industry would be safe if properly regulated. Cuadrilla says it’s operations have created jobs and pumped more than £1.4m into the Lancashire economy so far.