Uniform policy defended after Blackpool school sends pupils home

A school has defended its uniform policies after it came under fire for sending pupils home because they weren't properly equipped for class.

Friday, 6th July 2018, 9:23 am
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 4:48 pm
Five pupils were sent home from St George's, in Marton, for not having the proper uniform or equipment.
Five pupils were sent home from St George's, in Marton, for not having the proper uniform or equipment.

Youngsters at St George’s High School, Marton, are being allowed to wear PE kit during the current heatwave, but the school insists that a bag must be carried to contain books and other equipment.

The school has confirmed five students were sent home on Wednesday to ensure they were properly attired, with four returning promptly but one being kept at home.

The incident prompted comments on social media, with one contributor saying: “Any parents of kids going st George’s, please be aware Mr Warnock (the headteacher) has sent loads of children away from the gate and back home for not being prepared.

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“Many of these children are wandering the streets or over at Asda, or they could be anywhere.

“If parents are at work and they can’t get in nor are they allowed in school then where can they go? Please share so we can make parents aware.”

But a spokesman for the school said: “Unfortunately despite recent reminders of our expectations, a very small minority of five pupils did not meet these standards, arriving on Wednesday without either equipment or the correct uniform.

“Of particular concern were pupils rightly wearing PE kit – as permitted because of the hot weather – but who in the absence of pockets did not have a bag in which to carry equipment.

“They were openly carrying mobile phones, keys and other items and intended to do so for the rest of the day.

“These pupils were asked to return to school prepared, all of whom did within 15 minutes with the exception of one who remained at home at the request of their parent.

“As per our usual processes, parents of any other pupils who may have been unauthorised absent for unrelated reasons were notified immediately after registration through our normal systems and the senior team at St George’s have had positive conversations with parents who have contacted the Academy directly.

“If any parents have specific concerns relating to this, or any other issue, we have clear lines of communication and processes in place and welcome open dialogue.

“As a Trust and locally in our academies we take all feedback seriously, we listen, and when appropriate we will take action, but this relies on engagement directly with the Academy and not through third parties.

“We appreciate the support of our parents and pupils in upholding these standards and will continue to ensure we maintain them to the expectations of our school community.”