'This needs to be properly investigated!' - Your reaction as jet destined for New York circles above the Fylde coast

A passenger jet destined for New York was repeatedly circling over the Fylde coast for more than two hours last night (Wednesday, December 11, 2019).

Thursday, 12th December 2019, 9:57 am
Updated Thursday, 12th December 2019, 10:30 am

The flight which had departed Heathrow Airport at 6,27am, is thought to have been dumping fuel before heading back to Heathrow for maintenance following a mechanical issue.

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A passenger jet from Heathrow-New York was circling above the Fylde coast - even...

"Now that is Worrying! Particularly if the Airline think it's still on the Tarmac & it's Actually Flying Over the Fylde Coast!!!!! This Need's to be properly investigated!"

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The aircraft was circling at 21,000 feet, according to radar data (Picture: Flight Radar)

Rosie Higgins

"It's waiting for Liverpool airport to open again after the accident closed the runway this morning. . Due to open soon..."

Ian Dodd

"I saw this over Palatine saw it go one way one minute then back the other then just circled a few times. Very strange as there was other planes near it too."

Mark Cotton

"Maybe they wanted to land It at Blackpool if it was having problems how weird!"

Mikala Fredriksson

"Flew over our house in Tamworth and was quite low tbh."

Mark Harper

"I don’t think it’s overhead now."

Lee Still

"I thought I could taste something funny in the air was it dumping fuel."

Aaron Dunn

Others saw the funny side...

"Least it manged to take a look at the Blackpool Tower"

David Gregson

"It's SANTA"

Josephine Grant

"Ain't trying to land at Morrison's car park is it."

Steven Gale