Roadworks spark exam stress fears

Calls have been made to put back roadworks at a busy junction due to start the same day as crucial school exams.

Thursday, 12th May 2016, 6:00 am
Four Lane Ends

Drivers are being warned to be braced for rush hour delays when Fleetwood Road Southclose to Four Lane Ends in Thornton shuts for 10 days.

The works are such a concern that one Thornton resident has launched a petition to change the dates to co-incide with school holidays.

Tracey Cryer is calling on Lancashire County Council to delay the works by 10 days to prevent additional stress during GCSE and A-Level examinations.

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In her appeal on she said: “This highly congested road already, that caters for buses to sixth form college and high schools is due to be closed for roadworks starting the first week of A Levels and GCSEs.

“Students are stressed enough, without worrying about getting in late for their exams.

“Works are due to finish the day that they break up for school holidays.

“Surely the works can be delayed until this break?”

41 people have so far signed the petition and other parents have used the site to express their concerns

Coun Andrea Kay, who represents the area on Lancashire County Council, has warned motorists to prepare for delays on the route.

She said: “It’s a busy junction and it has the potential to be chaos.

“I think the message needs to be that people have to think ahead.

“They have to work out alternative routes to avoid the area.

“Hopefully people will get the message and avoid that junction while the works are carried out.”

Work at Four Lane Ends is due to start on Monday and finish on May 27.

Lancashire County Council may now ask contractors to reconsider those dates after The Gazette highlighted concerns

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “The work due to be carried out on Fleetwood Road South is a new connection to the sewer main on behalf of a housing developer.

“In light of the concerns raised we’re discussing with the contractor whether they would be prepared to carry out as much of this work as possible during the half-term break.

“The closure needed is to a short section of Fleetwood Road South from the council offices to the junction with The Runriggs near the Ambulance station. Traffic would be diverted via Fleetwood Road East and Amounderness Way.

“We are hopeful the work may be rescheduled, however if it can’t we would advise parents and students to leave more time for their journeys to Millfield College while it is ongoing.”