‘Nuisance’ vans on double yellow lines spark complaints from people on North Shore street

Residents on a North Shore street said they have been plagued by “nuisance” white vans parking on double yellow lines outside their homes.

People living in High Street have even resorted to putting their bins out to stop the vans from blocking 
their back gates.

George Dove, 57, said: “The drivers are very polite, but they are still breaking the law by parking on 
the yellow lines.

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“We have got hold of the council but they don’t seem bothered.

“It’s a total nightmare. A lot of us are either elderly or disabled on this street.

“I can’t even put the dustbins out because we can’t get into the alleyway.

“It’s a daily thing from Monday to Friday, and possibly at the weekend as well.

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“I don’t want to cause trouble but we have got double yellow lines there for a reason – and that means that you don’t park there. It’s as simple as that.

“All we want to be able to do is get out of our own gates. When they are parked there, nobody can get down the alley.”

Mr Dove said it is believed locally that the vans are suppliers for nearby businesses.

“It’s a nuisance,” he said. “I’m not blaming the drivers because somebody might be telling them to park there. It’s just the inconvenience that it causes. If we needed the fire brigade or an ambulance down there, we just wouldn’t be able to do it.

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“Quite a lot of people have complained over the years. It’s ridiculous when you can’t get into your own back gate.”

A Blackpool Council spokesman said: “We are aware of the vans in this location and two enforcement officers visited the area on more than one occasion. During those visits the area was clear or people were loading and unloading the vehicles, which they are permitted 
to do.

“We would advise any resident to contact us if vehicles are on double yellow lines and no activity is taking place as we rely on such information so that we can help.”

Anyone who notices a vehicle parked illegally in Blackpool can contact the council on (01253) 476395 from 7am to 10pm from Sunday to Thursay, and 7am to 11.30pm on Fridays and Saturdays.