Hundreds of Fylde coast residents have their say on the highway menaces

Here are just a few of our reader's comments on the most hated faux pas on the road.

Monday, 13th August 2018, 8:21 am
Updated Monday, 13th August 2018, 11:41 am
Hundreds of Fylde coast residents have their say on the highway menaces

Those who prefer two wheels to four were a particular inconvenience to some readers:

“Cyclists on roads going 5mph, holding traffic back on a 30mph to a 50mph roads.”

Tony Ashworth

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Hundreds of Fylde coast residents have their say on the highway menaces

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Emma Bailey

While for others, the elderly were a source of irritation:

“OAPs on electric buggies being on the actual roads. Can we ban them please?”-

Phillip Shakespeare

“Easily old people driving 20mph under the speed limit for no reason.”

Christopher Andrew Moore

But for most, the lack of awareness and carelessness for others on the road was clear to see:

“No use of wing mirrors. Puts cyclists and motorbikes at risk.”

Chris Sanders

“People who don’t signal at roundabouts, particularly the one by Morrisons (Squires Gate Lane). Because a car hasn’t signalled left I assume they’re going straight ahead to Currys etc, then they turn left.”

Nigel Jurgens

“People not using indicators is a big one. Pure laziness. No regard for other road users and dangerous. Also the Preston New Road junction heading onto Waterloo Road at Oxford Square. People using the right hand lane to turn left has been an issue for years”

Wayne Blackburn

“Idiots who go through red lights are on top on my list, twice in the last month I’ve almost been run over on Whitegate Drive when some moron has just gone right through while the lights are on red.”

Helen Baker

“I passed a woman the other day eating a dinner with the plate on her knee using a knife and fork while driving.”

Lesley Guy Masterman

“My friend was knocked off of her bike because a driver didn’t check his wing mirror and blind spot before opening his door. Idiot!” Becky Healy

“Indicators are there for a reason.”

Sarah Boldan Smith

“The middle lane hoggers daily on the M55.”

Noel Deane

“People who drive at 15mph on a 30mph road. I just want to drive into the back of them!”

Aaron Clark

“The idiots who zoom through zebra crossings ignoring people trying to cross and nearly running them over. I’ve seen this multiple times all over: Red Bank Road, St Annes Road, Lytham Road, Vicarage Lane, everywhere”

John Whitehouse