Taking a stroll down memory lane

Flooding on Collingswood Avenue, FleetwoodFlooding on Collingswood Avenue, Fleetwood
Flooding on Collingswood Avenue, Fleetwood
These undated black-and-white archive pictures take us back to a Fleetwood of yesteryear.

The cars which can be seen in the photographs suggest they date from the 1950s, though perhaps Weekly News readers can shed more light?

The top picture shows a flooded Collingwood Avenue. There was certainly flood misery in Fleetwood, in 1953 and 1960 in the port – so perhaps the picture was taken in one of those years?

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Some Fleetwood residents may remember Fleetwood Orphanage, pictured here. The Fleetwood Orphanage and Children’s Home was based at 32 The Esplanade, but since 1956 has been home to the town’s Masonic Hall.

Fleetwood Town HallFleetwood Town Hall
Fleetwood Town Hall

The fine old building, which dates back to 1847, became an orphanage in 1945 and remained as such until it closed in 1954.

It was founded by Mrs Mary Wilson, who first of all opened her own home to needy children; then as numbers swelled she set up the first home, thereafter moving to The Esplanade.

Another significant building shown on this page is Fleetwood Town Hall, on Queens Terrace – which later became the museum.

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Designed by Decimus Burton, in Victorian times, it was a Customs House, then became council offices in the 1890s and for many years from 1933 did duty as the Fleetwood Town Hall.

Fleetwood orphanageFleetwood orphanage
Fleetwood orphanage

In 1991, the building was converted and the museum collections moved to the site.

The magnificent art-deco Marine Hall opened in 1935.

The architect William Melville designed this L-shaped colonnade, with a white Portland cement exterior.

Over the years many famous artists have performed at the Marine Hall – including The Beatles.

And youngsters can be seen taking a dip in the sea and playing on the beach.

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