Street dog on the run for 10 days in Garstang found safe and well after extensive search involving drones and night vision cameras

A Romanian street dog that went on the run in the Garstang area for 10 days has been captured thanks to the tireless efforts of rescuers armed with drones and thermal imaging cameras.

By Wes Holmes
Tuesday, 19th February 2019, 1:16 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th February 2019, 2:42 pm
Kim has been found safe and well
Kim has been found safe and well

Cross-breed Kim is believed to have travelled between eight and nine miles every day after escaping from her foster home on February 8, and was spotted in Scorton, Eagland Hill and Bowgreave.

Dog rescuers used drones, thermal imaging and night-vision cameras to track her movements and eventually trap her in a rural area off Snapewood Lane last night.

They used a trail of sardines, cooked chicken and other tasty treats to lure her into a cage which closed when she stepped on a pressure plate.

Kim has been found safe and well

Christine Walker, of Canine Capture UK CIC, said: "They had been there all day monitoring her movements. The drone group was involved, so we were aware of the area she was in, and we had people there to protect the trap and keep people away.

"She's fine. She's very tired because she has done a lot of running. Even the day before last, she's done another nine miles. For a little dog that's a long way. The majority of problems we had were with people trying to chase her.

"She's obviously been finding sufficient food and over the last few days we have been feeding her.

"I feel mighty relieved. Because of the problems with people chasing her, and her constantly moving from one area to another, it's been quite a challenge."

Kim was caught on camera off Park Lane, Garstang, on Saturday by Steven Green of Drone SAR for Lost Dogs, a volunteer group that uses drones to track missing pets. Harvey's Army and Canine Capture UK were also involved in the search.

Kim will be returned to foster care.