St Annes couple's horror wedding

The divorce courts are full of people who would claim their wedding was like something from a horror movie.

Friday, 19th August 2016, 2:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:49 pm
PICS - Jose-Anne Shackleton

But one couple from St Annes made sure their big day had more than a touch of the macabre about it.

When Giuliana Nicholson walked down the aisle she wasn’t accompanied by the traditional Wedding March.

Instead it was the theme to Stephen Spielberg’s classic horror Poltergeist which soundtracked her last moments as a single woman.

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PICS - Jose-Anne Shackleton

And while groom Paul Hornby wore a traditional morning suit, the bride, on this occasion certainly did not wear white.

Giuliana favoured a black lacy number with a golden sash.

Guests joined in the gruesome spirit of the day by dressing as their favourite scary story characters.

And the venue for the nuptials – Lytham’s Clifton Arms – was transformed from one of the Fylde’s poshest hotels into, in Paul’s words, “the depths of Hell”.

PICS - Jose-Anne Shackleton

Life-sized skeleton props represented the happy couple and the venue was decorated with smoking witches cauldrons and blood-splattered props.

Driving instructor Paul, 34, and Giuliana, 28, both from St Annes, bonded over their love of spine-chilling movies and tales to chill the blood.

At the reception guests were served such delicacies as “cut-throat curry” and “Choking Chilli”.

And Paul and Giuliana, who works as a primary school teacher in Blackpool, danced to music from their favourite horror flicks.

But rather than jetting off to Transylvania for their “horrormoon”, the couple decided Florida would be a more enjoyable option.

Speaking from the Sunshine State, Paul said: “Both Giuliana and I have been avid horror fans for many years and it seemed fitting to have a horror-style wedding. Our guests loved dressing up as horror characters and the day was so much fun. The wedding cake was even horror-themed with figures of the guests as zombies featued on it.”

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