'Something needs to be done before someone is killed': Reader reactions following calls to close Gorse Road

Calls have been made to block off a Blackpool road to stop it being used as a rat run by motorists.

Tuesday, 21st August 2018, 12:40 pm
Updated Tuesday, 21st August 2018, 12:45 pm
Reader reactions following calls to close Gorse Road

Residents on Gorse Road are fed up with drivers using the road as a shortcut from Whitegate Drive to West Park Drive to avoid traffic lights in nearby Knowlsey Avenue.

It seems by the response on Facebook from readers, this is an issue seen right across Blackpool's roads.

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Blackpool residents plea for blockade of '˜rat run' road

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But what is the solution?

Here are your views on the topic

Beaufort Ave, Bispham is used as a racing circuit for some! Especially the bend near Sandhurst!!!

Karen Neilson

Can't see it happening unless Councillors live on that road like Midgeland Rd or Division Lane

John Keen

Need speed bumps or something... anything... to stop the nutters on squires gate lane!!!!

Sandra Isaac

Top idea why not close off all side streets and cause major traffic jams all over blackpool main roads more so than we already get.

Ric Neil

Might as well close another road add to all the other ones in the town.

Jay Latham

Wait I am sick of motorists using my road ?

Let’s clear this up.

1, it’s not your road.

2, we pay tax to use all the roads.

3, If the stupid council had listened to reason and done this in the winter out of season the same as town and everywhere else would wouldn’t be having this problem.

Wayne Wareing

Faringdon Avenue is like a racetrack used as a shortcut if the lights are on red on Squires Gate. Something needs to be done before someone is killed.

Yvonne Rose

I can almost guarantee the people welcoming road closures don't drive and don't understand how difficult it is already with all the roads closed off I live on a pretty busy road too with idiots speeding down it in still against closing roads just cos some idiots don't know how to drive be it on main roads or side roads.

The only way to stop it is by taking licences off those who can't actually drive.

Ric Neil

You can't move more than a hundred yards without hitting more lights.

Far too many traffic lights.

Dread how much electiricity bill Blackpool uses.

Baz Cooper

Chislehurst avenue a rat run for skipping the lights on Waterloo.

They don’t care how fast they fly round either , selfish.

Sean Costa

There are so many roads that are used as the same thing, ours is used as a go between as well but that’s just the nature of driving, you can’t block all roads and force all traffic onto main roads only.

Siobhan Waring

Why is everyone going on about council and doing road works out of season ....

Gorse road is nothing to do with road works .....

Not any near by ...

Not been any ....

It's just used by people to cut down at speed to whitegate drive .....

Nothing to do with road works

Caroline Holman

Cambrige, Oxford, Durham and Granville even though they are pedestrianised areas are also rat runs.....it will only be a serious injury or a death that will open the councils eyes.

Julian Hedges

This is ridiculous.

The whole of Blackpool has gotten busier.

I live on west park and can’t even park my car during rush hour because nobody will stop and let me reverse in.

The volume of traffic everywhere has increased and I have never once seen children playing on that street.

Leigh Ann

They’ll only switch to Woodlands Grove.

You will also have people who live at West Park Drive end complaining it’s gonna take them another 15 mins to get to work at Hospital.

Problem is that Sat Navs direct people down Gorse Rd.

Paul Lamb

People saying it's a road to be used by everyone.... fair enough ..... then respect that people live there children play out in the street and drive down it with care ...... not stupid speeds then there wouldn't be an issue....... there is obviously a problem here or it wouldn't be highlighted .... yes I assume many roads have the same problem.....

Caroline Holman

There would not be so much congestion in Blackpool if there were more round abouts & less traffic lights.

It’s ridiculous how long it takes to get around Blackpool! Sitting at traffic lights for nothing is such an ineffective way to time manage.

Angie Clarke

I welcome a solution whether it’s speed bumps or closing off Gorse Road at West Park Drive end ......

Drivers do use this road as a cut through and the volume of traffic and speed is dangerous for a narrow road

Closing it off wouldn’t cause any noticeable increase to traffic on main roads but could be the action that saves a life!!!!!!!

Sean Holman

There should be speed cameras on West Park Drive as cars race down the hill from South Park.

Someone will be seriously hurt, or worse, on the zebra crossing at Beechfield Avenue!

Sue Quinton