Skinny Molly, Waterloo Music Bar review: Timelessly talented rock and rollers

Skinny Molly played Blackpool's Waterloo Music BarSkinny Molly played Blackpool's Waterloo Music Bar
Skinny Molly played Blackpool's Waterloo Music Bar
Music trends come and go, and entire decades are defined by the genre that is popular at the time.

Natural talent, however, is both timeless and genre defying and Skinny Molly’s sensational show at the Waterloo was living proof of that fact.

Given the individual musicians’ pedigrees it was no surprise that Skinny Molly were good. What many of us may not have been prepared for was just how good.

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From the first chord it was clear we were in the presence of greatness as the band deftly mixed the best of southern rock, traditional blues, old country and rock and roll into a unique genre all of their own that was a masterclass in musicianship.

Intelligent and intricate arrangements full of unexpected twists and turns and subtle nuances, virtuoso instrumentation and some of the most soulful rock vocals I have heard in many a year all underpinned an exhilarating live rock experience.

Songs like Devil In The Bottle and Here For A Good Time, while firmly rooted in the 70s’ southern rock traditions, feel as immediate and fresh today as they would have more than half a century ago and the outstanding rendition of the classic Freebird was the luxury icing on an exceptional cake.

Put simply, Skinny Molly were phenomenal and a grateful nod must be given to the Waterloo for bring musicians of such calibre to our town.


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