Six UFO reports in county

Lancashire police have dealt with six alleged UFO sightings in the past year.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 9th August 2013, 8:32 am
Six UFO sightings were reported in Lancashire
Six UFO sightings were reported in Lancashire

According to Freedom of Information Act figures released to the Gazette, police received half a dozen calls from a variety of people reporting all sorts of extradordinary goings on.

The reports included the spotting of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), alien sightings and concerns the US Government is carrying out an harrassment campaign.

In answer to a Freedom of Information request police said two of the calls were from residents in Blackpool.

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One caller told officers in October last year, aliens were trying to get him and they were listening to all of his conversations.

Police said the caller was believed to have taken a number of tablets and was taken to Blackpool Victoria Hopital for treatment. He was later assessed for mental health issues.

In June this year, police received a call of a man who claimed the US Government was harrassing him and when he was younger an alien aircraft implanted something in his brain and body, which was interfering with his thoughts.

After speaking at length with the man, police said he admitted to having mental health problems.

Police also received a call from a woman in Preston who said a UFO was hovering over her house preventing her from sleeping. Police checks showed the woman had mistaken the police helicopter for a UFO.

A drunken caller in Burnley contacted police to report seeing an alien and a concerned mother in Skelmesdale was asking for help after her son claimed to have seen aliens.

The final call police received was from a school in Chorley who contacted police to explain they were letting off balloons, in case they were to be reported as UFOs.

A spokesman for Lancashire police, said: “All calls to Lancashire police are dealt with in a sensitive and sensible manner.”

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