Scouts put on a really grand show at the theatre

Five Shows, 87 cast members and more than 1,100 in the audience – Scouts are delighted the 2019 Blackpool Gang Show was a roaring success at the Grand Theatre.
On stage at the Gang ShowOn stage at the Gang Show
On stage at the Gang Show

The show is dedicated to building confidence, showcasing talent and giving opportunities to young people and adults alike who have never done anything like this before. And it all went down well.

Jordan Shuck, District Youth Commissioner of Blackpool District Scouts said: “A huge thank you to all the cast, production team, musicians, wardrobe, administration, backstage and makeup teams who have worked tirelessly over the past six months to produce the greatest show in town.

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“Also, we’d like to thank The Gazette, Radio Wave, BBC Radio Lancashire and all advert contributors for promoting the show.”

After the run ended, audience members called the show “the best in years”, and it “put a huge smile on my face”, while there was “fabulous energy, fantastic costumes and great content” and finally, one said “looking forward to next year’s show”.

Scouts walk the lights to earn a new badge

Two Scout groups took on the walk to see Blackpool lights.

The 45th Blackpool Scout group – which included Cubs and Scouts – decided to combine enjoying their walk while doing what is needed to go with their hikes away badge, with is part of the Chief Scout Silver Challenge award, under the outdoor challenge section.

The Scouts enjoyed the event before the world famous lights finished on November 3, and they completed the task ahead of the much-anticipated Blackpool Gang Show at The Grand Theatre.

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Dianne Leyland, Akela of the Cub section, says the Scouts completed the task successfully in just over two hours before tucking in to a well deserved supper once they had finished.

She summarised the evening by saying: “The Cubs walked the lights from Starr Gate, to Red Bank Road, around six miles, going towards their hikes away badge. The pack started off at 6.15pm, and arrived at Red Bank Road, at 8pm, finishing with well earned chips at the end.”

The Blackpool district Explorer Scouts Tenzing Unit also enjoyed a walk through the lights, before relaxing with the Teddy Bears Picnic. A great evening was had by all.

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