Scouting Snapshots

Blackpool Scouts Wild West eveningBlackpool Scouts Wild West evening
Blackpool Scouts Wild West evening
Scouts were transported to the Wild West thanks to an evening of fun and adventure.

Youngsters from the 24th Blackpool Scout Group, based at Holy Cross CE Church Hall, on Central Drive, and the 13th/16th Blackpool Scout Group,based at Waterloo Primary School, on the corner of Waterloo and Ansdell Road, donned their cowboy and Indian outfits especially for the occasion.

The evening was organised by Carol, Andrew, and Anne Barrett, members of the 13/16th Blackpool Scouts, who are also members of The Wild West Society.

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It involved a talk and lots of activities and games associated with the Wild West.

The youngsters, aged between six and 14, had a great time while parents were invited to see the group meetings for themselves.

On the right track to road safety

The RAC visited the 44th Cubs as part of the Road Safety Activity Badge.

The Cub pack, based at St John Vianney’s Church Hall, Glastonbury Avenue, Blackpool, invited a representative of the RAC who work in partnership with the Scout Association to promote this badge, to talk, discuss, and act out various activities connected with Road Safety.

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For the badge, the Cubs have to draw or take photos of 10 traffic signs and explain the meaning of each one, show how to use the Green Cross Code, and tell the leader the importance of the different types of crossing.

They also have to tell the leader how to use crossings safely and show that they know how to behave safely as a car passenger.

The youngsters discussed seat belts and the differences between cars, mini buses, coaches, and planes.

They also made a seat belt, practised using them in upright chairs and had their height tested to see if they still required a booster seat for safety.

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The badge has a flexibitly in accordance with each young person ability.

The cubs also took a day trip on a coach along with other packs from Blackpool to Visit the “The Royal Armoury”, in Leeds, to have a look at all the medieval and present day equipement used in battle, their was even a site for 007 himself yes James Bond has a site!!!!

These youngsters work best as a team

There’s been plenty of action at the 7th Blackpool Scout Group over the last couple of weeks.

The Scouts – aged 10.5 to 14 years – did their best in very wet, and windy condition to do some basic cooking of eggs, sausages and bacon to get them in the mood for those members who wish to take part in the West Lancashire County Challenge 2017, known as “The Bowlander Challenge”.

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They also tried their hand at ‘Pioneering’, which is part of the outdoor challenge, and is also one of the seven challenges that makes up the Chief Scout Gold Award.

The youngsters, based at Baines Endowed Primary School, used lightweight poles, as an indoor challenge, lashing together the poles and working together as a team,

These skills will come into great use when camping.