Scouting snapshots

Much food for thought during Beavers' trip to supermarket

Monday, 10th April 2017, 8:59 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:19 pm
3rd blackpool

The 3rd Blackpool Beaver Colony descended on Tesco 
Supermarket on Clifton Road to learn all about the foods that are sold at the store and a bit about what happens behind the scenes in the 

Being led around the store by Staff Store Trail Member Josh Clarke, all the Beavers embarked on their tour of the store wearing their tabards, and holding their clip boards for their question and answer sheet.

The Beavers and leaders followed the Staff Trail Leader, visiting the fish, meat, and grocery sections and they even enjoyed a yummy tasting session.

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Then it was a visit behind the scenes and to visit the warehouse where all the produce is brought in 24 hours a day non stop, along with a visit to the chiller and freezer 

The visit also gave the youngsters the opportunity to enable them to help towards two parts of multiple tasks for one of their Seven Challenges for the Chief Scout Award, which is based on Community knowledge, and Health and Fitness.

Lorraine Crossan, Beaver Leader, said: “We really had a great night at Tesco learning about different foods and where they came from.

“We even got to try some foods.

“A big thank you to Tesco staff for all their help and assistance, and particularly to Store Trail Member Josh Clarke.”

The 3rd Blackpool Scout Group is based at St Mark’s Church Parish Hall in Layton and it meets on a Monday evening.

For more information about how to join this or any other group, visit or take a look at their Facebook page.

Cubs know how to cut out bullying

Cub Scouts from the 1st 
Bispham Scout Group held a pack meeting to discuss anti -bullying in Scouting, their peer circles and family.

They discussed how bullying can affect lives, socially and personally, from leaving someone out of a game to spoiling someone’s work.

Although the Scout Association provides excellent 
anti-bullying” material for both young people, leaders, and parents, it is always an excellent idea that the subject is discussed and allows young people in Scouting to put their own points and views forward.

They created their own posters , so that they can reflect on them at every meeting and when they are out and about.

It’s a bug’s life for these youngsters

From Beavers to bugs, members of the 5th Blackpool Scout Group said hello to lots of creepy crawlies at their colony meeting at their headquarters at the corner of St Warburga’s Road and Newton Drive.

Beaver leader Gill Curtis said: “We recently had some interesting visitors at 5th Blackpool Beavers.

“One of our leaders keeps tarantulas and a skunk!

“The Beavers explored crickets, locusts and tarantulas.

“The evening was very successful, the young people learnt all about the bugs and how they moved around and their defence mechanisms.

“It was a hair raising night with many overcoming their fears of spiders to actually hold one.

“It’s safe to say that 5th Beavers have certainly grown in their confidence when faced with arachnids.”