Scouting Snapshots

Imaginative youngsters have building blocks for the future

Monday, 15th May 2017, 12:53 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th May 2017, 2:27 pm
24th Blackpool

Members of 24th Blackpool Beaver Scouts showed one man’s trash can really be another man’s treasure.

The Beaver Colony based at Holy Cross Church Parish Centre, Central Drive, Blackpool, held an evening of junk building.

From house hold left overs, such as kitchen and toilet rolls, egg and cardboard boxes, milk cartons, and yogurt cartons, the youngsters created some interesting objects during the session.

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Armed with scissors and sticky tape, the youngsters let their imagination run wild creating cameras, boats, space ships, and sky scrapers.

It was a great, fun time for the youngsters aged between six and eight, who used their talents, imaginations, and helped each other with the task too.

Creativity in full flow for badge

Cubs from 53rd Blackpool took part in an evening of ‘Trash Design’.

The group, which is based at St Monica’s Parish Hall, Preston New Road, Mereside, created their own costumes from everyday house hold items, such as plastic bags,bin bags, and bottles.

The activity was planned to help the Cubs achieve their Creativity and Craft Badge.

There were many ingenious designs, including one Cub Scout making shoes out of plastic bottles and designed a top out of a black bin liner.

From the expressions on their faces, they had all had a brilliant time!

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Beaver Scouts keep connected

Communication was the key word for 10th Blackpool Beaver Scouts at a recent meeting.

The group, based at St. John’s Church Parish Hall, Cedar Square, Blackpool, learnt all about different types of communication from writing, email, telephone, Facebook, Twitter, icloud, You Tube, sign and Braille.

The Beavers were shown the art of communication that is still used in the Armed Services called metaphore.

The leaders provided each Beaver with two A4 sheets of paper and explained what action constituted a letter.

They seemed to be getting the hang of it!

They were all then invited to sit down and learn from individual sheets the signs from A - Z. This will also go towards one of their challenge badges which is connected to communication.