Scouting Snapshots

Beavers and Cubs learn to stay safe by the sea

Monday, 24th July 2017, 2:15 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:22 pm
24th Blackpool Scout Group visit the Life boat Station.

The 24th Blackpool Scout Group recently visited the Life boat Station in Blackpool.

Beavers and Cubs met outside the Station on the Promenade to have a closer look at the inshore rescue dingies, other equipment , and for a talk about water safety.

Norma Bracegirdle, Group Scout Leader, said the visit helped the children to understand the work the volunteer RNLI crews do and how we can keep ourselves safe and out of danger when it comes to living by the coast.

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She said: “Our visit was for the Cubs and Beavers.

“It counted for the community part of My World Challenge Award, meet someone who serves the community.

“One of my parents, David Nickson, is part of the lifeboat team.

“A former Beaver, Cub and Scout with our group, his daughters now belong to our Beaver colony.

“The young people had a timely reminder for the dangers on our beach as two 11-year-old girls had been rescued from a sand bank a few days previously.

“The crew practice on a Wednesday evening and luckily were on hand to save them.

“Our young people were very well behaved, interested and asked many great questions.”

Time for a spin on these!

44th Blackpool Cubs celebrated American Independence Day.

As part of the Global Challenge Badge, towards the Chief Scout Silver Award, the Cubs took part in a number activities at their HQ based at St. John Vianney’s Parish Centre, Glastonbury Avenue, Blackpool.

The youngsters took part in making spin wheels, doing a word search on all aspects of America, and learning lots of other facts about the 4th July, which is a Federal Holiday in the USA commemorating the adoption of the declaration of independence.

The day normally features family reunions, concerts, BBQs and parades.

Step up to this fun game

The 13/16th Blackpool Cubs enjoyed a fun evening at their HQ.

There were lots of happy and smiling faces as the Cubs had just been told they were going to have a go at one of their favourite games: “Step Up Step Down”.

It’s a simple game but one that can be just fun, but can also be used as a gym exercice for the Health and Hygene Challenge Award,

The exercise platform was literally in the ground of Waterloo School where they meet each Wednesday evening (during school terms).

The idea is, on the leaders’ command, that they step up,step down but the commands get faster.

The faster the commands get the more likely with laughter that they will not be in the right place, and so are knocked out one by one until there is a last Cub standing.

The Cubs then went inside to discuss plans for their sleep over night with the starts which takes place in Early August, where they will be sleeping outside under the stars in their sleeping bags – of course under the watchful eyes of the leaders!