Scouting Snapshots

Youngsters honoured for challenge of lifetime

Monday, 15th January 2018, 1:13 pm
Updated Monday, 15th January 2018, 1:15 pm
West Lancashire Explorer and Network Scouts with their Explorer Belt certificates

Explorer Scouts were honoured at a special presentation for taking part in a challenge of a lifetime.

In the summer of August last year Sophia Dickinson and Emily Platt, from Blackpool District Scouts, were among a contingent of West Lancashire Explorer and Network Scouts who went on a journey of adventure, exploration and, personal challenge to visit the country of Finland and achieve their Explorer Belt last summer.

The purpose of the Explorer Belt is to find out about a different culture and nation.

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The young people travelled through Finland in small groups to complete a series of projects , but most importantly to meet the local people.

The mode of transport was entirely up to the individual groups so they had to work collectively, making their own travel and route plans, along with a strict financial budget.

At a gathering last Friday evening at the Education Centre, at the Royal Preston Hospital, all the holders of the Explorer Belt, were presented with their certificates by Steve Morton, County Commissioner for the West Lancashire Scout Council, in front of proud parents, families and leaders.

Congratulations to Sophia and Emily from Blackpool District Scout Council.

Leaders show creative flair

The Leaders of the 20th Blackpool Beaver Scout Colony – based at Thames Primary School, Severn Road – had a great idea towards the Beaver Scouts Creativity Challenger Badge.

They cut up all their Christmas Cards, scattered them on the floor and then challenged the youngster aged six to eight to walk around gently and match up the pieces to remake the design.

It was just like a giant jigsaw!

The 20th has vacancies for Beavers at present, and although the section is based in the school any youngster aged between six and eight can join. The group meets on Tuesdays from 5pm - 6pm.

Song in memory of founder

The 6th Blackpool Beaver Scout Colony has been busy practising the ‘Camp Fire and Church Hymn’, in preparation to remember our Founder Robert Baden - Powell, whose birthday takes place on February 22.

Based at Marton United Church Hall, Wordsworth Avenue, the group sang “If I were a Butterfly”, which reflects on nature and creativity.

The Beavers Scouts will sing this in duos whilst holding up cards showing the respective animals, and will be accompanied by a CD.

The activity will go towards their Chief Scout Bronze Challenge Award, of Creativity, which is part of the Seven Challenges which they need to complete to fulfil the overall award which takes over two years and includes, Global, Health and Hygiene, Community, Personal , and Teamwork.

The performance will take place at their monthly church parade in February, where the group’s flags will be presented .