Sandwich chain to open '˜vegetarian-only' shop

Veggie-only launchVeggie-only launch
Veggie-only launch
Sandwich chain Pret A Manger is planning to open a 'vegetarian-only' pop-up in London in June after sales of non-meat products recorded double-digit growth last year.

A Soho branch will become a “no carnivores” outlet for a trial period during the month of June, although the precise location is yet to be revealed.

Speaking to the BBC, Pret A Manger’s chief executive Clive Schleesaid: “Demand for vegetarian foods is growing faster than for meat, but meat remains an important part of the diet.

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“We are encouraging vegetarianism because we want to give meat eaters more options. I think vegetarian foods could look better and be better.”

Pret also revealed avocado was the fastest-growing ingredient in popularity, with five million being consumed over the year. The company also sold 17,000 beets, squash and feta superbowls per week last year.