REVEALED: 5 notorious speeding spots in Blackpool

Almost 8,000 speeding drivers were caught out on the roads of Blackpool in just the last 12 months.

Saturday, 23rd July 2016, 6:30 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:15 pm
Speed camera locations. Squires Gate Lane westbound.

A Freedom of Information request to Lancashire Police revealed that 70,291 tickets were issued to drivers over the limit caught with both mobile and built-in speed cameras in Lancashire.

This means 11 per cent of these offences happened in Blackpool.

One fixed camera in Blackpool was the third most prolific in the whole of Lancashire.

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Of Blackpool’s top five, two are fixed cameras and three are mobile sites.

Death, injuries, and community concerns can all be reasons police are monitoring speed in the area, and a force spokesman said it is “committed to making the roads of Lancashire safer”.

He said: “We are not complacent when it comes to tackling speeding. It is well-researched and documented that speeding kills and in fact is one of the top four – known as the ‘fatal four’ - causes of collisions and injuries, along with drink and drug-driving, mobile phone use and not wearing a seatbelt.”

Specific areas of the county might be flagged up if they have had a high number of injury collisions, community concerns or if they have been identified as having speed issues.

A speed count is then carried out to review the problem. The spokesman added: “Lancashire has achieved significant reductions in the number of people killed and injured on our roads but we are committed to reducing the figures even further through education, engagement and enforcement.

“This might take the form of a static fixed camera, a mobile camera or use of community road watch and schools road watch.”

Drivers caught speeding are now offered the chance to attend a speed awareness course, accept the £100 fixed penalty fine and three licence points or choose to attend a court hearing.

The AA said speed cameras are useful in maintaining road safety, but that “enforcement is only acceptable where there is a clear benefit, such as accident blackspots”.

A spokesman said that nationally, 77 per cent of motorists are supportive of speed cameras and these latest figures for Lancashire show the “perception of too many people getting away with speeding is a myth”.

He said: “Drivers in all areas should stick to the speed limits in place as they are there for good reason, including maintaining the effective flow of traffic.

“More than 80 per cent of drivers say that they support Speed Awareness Courses which is offered to drivers whose speed is marginally over the limit.”

Kevin Clinton, head of road safety at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, agreed with the use of speed cameras.

Mr Clinton said: “Speed cameras are a very effective way of reducing speeds and preventing accidents, especially in preventing more serious and fatal accidents.

“They help to save lives and prevent injuries.

“We believe that cameras should be used where casualty statistics show they are needed.”

Here are the top most notorious speeding spots in Blackpool:

1. A583 Preston New Road, near Lomond Avenue - built in camera - 30mph - 1,423 drivers caught speeding

2. A5230 Squires Gate Lane (Westbound), near Lindale Gardens - built in camera - 30mph - 734 drivers caught speeding

3. A584 Promenade Starr Gate - mobile camera - 30mph - 512 drivers caught

4. A584 Promenade near Burlington Road West - mobile camera - 30mph - 416 caught

5. A584 Promenade, near Fleetwood Road - mobile camera - 30mph - 373 caught