Restaurant's appeal in extension furore

The extension at The Deacon in LythamThe extension at The Deacon in Lytham
The extension at The Deacon in Lytham
Owners of a Lytham restaurant are to appeal after having permission for a key element of its extension into the town's main square turned down by Fylde Council planners.

An application for retrospective permission for retractable glazed screens to the sides of the extension at The Deacon was refused by the planning department under delegated powers.

That means the decision was taken by an officer rather than going to the planning committee for deliberation.

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The owners of the restaurant, which opened in the former Royal Bank of Scotland premises on the corner of Clifton Street in December, have already lodged an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate.

Co-owner Charles Furnell said: “It’s disappointing that the council decided to refuse the application for our retractable glazed screens, especially after permission for a canopy on the extension was granted earlier this year.

“This was one of many applications made over the past two years but the only one not to be represented at committee.

“We have already put in motion our appeal to the Planning Inspectorate and hope for a more positive outcome.”

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Mr Furnell said the retractable side panels allow the extension, which seat some 54 diners, to be fully enclosed.

“In the current warm and sunny conditions, we have the extension open at the side but the side panels allow us to have it fully enclosed in poorer weather, allowing for dining in that area 52 weeks a year.”

“We are however really pleased with all the positive feedback from Lytham residents and our customers at the Deacon. General Manager Leigh Norton and his team have worked really hard over our first six months and we’re exited about launching our outdoor garden area this week.”