Residents’ fears over parking congestion

A group of Lytham residents claim congestion caused by parked cars on their street is ‘an accident waiting to happen’.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 15th October 2015, 7:00 pm
John Windett, Hilary Abbott and Trevor Slattery are among residents fed up of parked cars causing congestion in Moorfield Drive, Lytham
John Windett, Hilary Abbott and Trevor Slattery are among residents fed up of parked cars causing congestion in Moorfield Drive, Lytham

Householders in Moorfield Drive on the South Park estate say they are at the end of their tether over vehicles - thought to belong to workers from the nearby Serco site on Ballam Road – creating access difficulties throughout the working day and even into the evenings.

After years of frustration, they say the problems is getting worse - and they have turned to ward councillor Ray Thomas in a bid to find a solution.

Coun Thomas has been in touch with Serco, which employs hundreds of workers at its site in Ballam Road – and officials there have highlighted the need for thoughtful parking to staff.

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Residents’ spokesman Hilary Abbott said: “It’s causing real problems and it is getting worse - with more vehicles than ever on the avenue now.

“There aren’t any lines and they aren’t blocking drives but the fact there are so many vehicles so close up to properties makes it difficult for us to get in and out and there is often only just enough space to get through. It’s an accident waiting to happen.”

Coun Thomas said: “This is an issue which has unfortunately been going on for some time and I have tried to offer as much support as possible to the residents.

“I have spoken to Fylde Council’s chief executive about the matter on the residents’ behalf and he shares our concerns.

“I have also raised the issue with local county councillor Tim Ashton, as highways issues are the responsibility of the county council.

“I met with site owners Serco recently and the facilities manager says the company has regularly highlighted the issue to staff and urged them to park with more care.

“I know council officers have also met with Serco to find out what more can be done.

“I will continue to keep residents informed of any information I receive.

“Whether parking restrictions need to be put in place is a matter for the county council but the residents have had enough of people parking inconsiderately.

“However, this is a major employer in Lytham and I would not wish to see anything happen which might see them looking to leave the area.”

A spokesman for Serco said: “Ribble House is occupied by a number of businesses, and currently there are insufficient parking spaces for all employees working in the building.

“We are aware of the pressure that this places on local residents’ parking and all organisations offer a Cycle to Work scheme, promote car sharing arrangements and encourage their employees to park responsibly.

“We take this issue very seriously and continue to discuss it with the other organisations in Ribble House to highlight the concerns raised by the residents.’