Quick-thinking Logan saves his father's life

A nine-year-old has been credited with saving his dad's life when he had a heart attack at home.

Saturday, 15th July 2017, 6:55 am
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:31 am
Logan with mum Becky, sister Brooklyn and dad David

Logan Hill, nine, called for an ambulance and directed crews to the family’s home after his dad, David suddenly fell ill.

The youngster, a pupil at Mayfield Primary school in St Annes, stayed cool and calm and made sure his dad got the vital medical help he needed.

David, 45, was rushed to the Cardiac Centre at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and had an emergency stent inserted in the blood vessels supplying his heart.

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Logan’s mum Becky, 34, was out at the time and believes the boy’s calm reaction might have saved David’s life.

She said: “We were planning to go camping that day.

“I’d just said I’d go out and visit a few friends before we went.”

David was left at home in Grassington Road, St Annes, to look after Logan and his little sister Brooklyn, five.

He said: “All of a sudden I just didn’t feel well.

“It came out of the blue, I didn’t think it was a heart attack.

“I think I’m a healthy guy, it couldn’t be that. But it kept getting worse, I was struggling to breathe, I couldn’t speak.

“I went to lie on the bed and it’s then I told Logan to call the ambulance.

“I wouldn’t have been able to make that call, I couldn’t have talked.”

Becky said: “Logan called them up. I asked him if he told them which service he wanted but I think straight away he was just shouting ambulance, ambulance down the phone.”

David said: “I just remember hearing him reciting our address again and again.

“He opened the doors to let the crew in.”

Because of the urgency of David’s case the paramedics couldn’t wait for Becky to return.

Logan and Brooklyn were taken with the ambulance crew to the hospital with their dangerously ill dad.

Becky said: “Logan had been trying to call me but I hadn’t heard my phone.

“I was still away from home, I didn’t know what was happening.

“I eventually rang back and one of the paramedics answered, they explained what was happening and they’d had to take the children with them.

“I think it was quite an experience for them, especially for Brooklyn who got to ride in the front and even pressed the button to operate the sirens.”

Becky and David can’t thank their son enough for his calm thinking in the most urgent of circumstances.

David said: “I’m not being biased, he’s done a great job.

“If nobody had been there it could have been a lot worse, Becky was 20 minutes away at least.

“They said that because they responded so quickly there’s very little damage been done.

“Some of that is down to Logan.”

Becky said: “When I got to the hospital I saw he was a little shaken up.

“But he really has done an amazing job.

“As far as I’m concerned he’s saved his dad’s life.”

Pleasure Beach worker David is now resting, under doctor’s orders.

But he’s keen to reward Logan as soon as possible.

He said: “I can’t do a lot of strenuous work right now. I don’t think they’ll even let me make a cup of tea without checking with someone first.

“But as soon as I’m ready for it we’ll take Logan on that camping trip.

“He really deserves it.”