Puzzle of love letter from 1952 is solved

Amy Nandy and husband DonAmy Nandy and husband Don
Amy Nandy and husband Don
The mystery of a 63-year-old love letter found blowing around a Mereside car park has been solved.

Mum-of-four Kelly Lee appealed to The Gazette’s readers for help, read the original article here, after finding three pages of the five page letter, sent by local woman Amy Nandy, then Amy Faulkner, to her sweetheart in 1952.

The letter has now been returned to its rightful owner after a reader in France did some research and got in touch with Amy’s eldest daughter Janis Nandy, 62.

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And it turns out ‘Mr Barry Glam’, the name scrawled on the letter’s envelope and who Kelly believed was the note’s recipient, actually read ‘Nr Barry Glam’, and actually meant the town of Barry in Glamorgan, Wales.

The letter dating back over 60 yearsThe letter dating back over 60 years
The letter dating back over 60 years

Amy was actually writing to Don Nandy, a Burmese airman she fell in love with while he was stationed at Weeton.

Young love endured after Don moved with his unit to Wales and the pair went on to marry and have three 
children Janis, Melvyn, 58, and Levi, 44.

After Don died aged 66 in 1996, Amy, who lived in Pilling Crescent, Grange Park, would often read through her treasured letters.

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Janis thinks the one found by Kelly may have been dropped when she went into the Arc rehab centre in Clifton Avenue, Mereside, before her death in August, but admits she may never know how it ended up where it did.

“It’s great to have it back,” she said. “It remains a mystery as to how it was found in the street.”

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