Prom reopens after Blackpool hotel declared safe

Taxpayers will not be left to foot the bill for repairs to a hotel that forced Blackpool’s Promenade to shut for five weeks, town hall bosses have vowed.

Tuesday, 29th January 2019, 5:03 pm
Updated Tuesday, 29th January 2019, 6:08 pm
The Promenade has re-opened after the former Sherwood Hotel was deemed safe.

The road has reopened to traffic after the Sherwood Hotel was finally deemed safe.

The section between Gynn Roundabout and Warley Road was shut on December 20 after Blackpool Council said the hotel was “structurally unsafe”. The road reopened on Monday evening.

A full traffic closure had been put in place on the Promenade and pedestrian access either side of the hotel was also halted.

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The road closed on December 20.

When the closure was in place, traffic was being diverted along Warley Road and Dickson Road.

Blackpool Council said the closure of the Promenade, which affected all traffic and pedestrian access either side of the hotel, was necessary to guarantee the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

A spokesman for the council said: “The owner of the property had undertaken the necessary work to make the property safe so we were happy for the road to re-open.

“Any costs incurred by the council will be charged back to the owner.”

The council announced the road was reopening on social media and residents were happy to hear the good news.

Crystal King said: “Well done to who ever was inspecting the building and safety comes first.”

Some residents noted the continued closure of the Promenade by Talbot Road, which had been due to reopen last week but is now set to stay shut until the end of February.

Kevin O’Rourke from Blackpool said: “Wonderful, now how about getting the contractors at North pier to get a move on?

“(A) five-week delay is a disgrace. I hope there were penalty clauses in the contract, as every good contract has.”

Despite the reopening of the Promenade between Gynn Roundabout and Warley Road, the road remains closed from West Street to Queen’s Square as part of the Tramway construction at Talbot Road.

The Promenade is expected to be reopened fully to traffic at the end of next month along with Talbot Road and Talbot Square.

Leopold Grove remains closed between Church Street and Adelaide Street until August for the construction of the new Blackpool Conference Centre and Watson Road is currently closed eastbound between Bond Street and The Crescent until the end of February for safety work.